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Rising high above Hanoi's new Central Business District and adjacent to Vietnam National Convention Center, JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi is an inspiring destination in the center of it all. Boasting contemporary design, our hotel in Hanoi city showcases world-class services and curated amenities, catering to the needs of the modern traveler. Treat yourself to rejuvenating spa services, swim in the quiet serenity of our pool, or reboot in our 24-hour fitness center. Dine around the world in our renowned restaurants and enjoy live jazz at our club. If a meeting, wedding, or social gathering brings you to Hanoi, delight in extensive indoor and outdoor venues, custom catering, and five-star service. Relax in the comfort of your luxury room or suite, where floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of Vietnam's capital and the lake. Whether traveling for work or pleasure, look forward to an exceptional stay at our business hotel in Hanoi.

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Famous as a destination under one roof, we always have something new to offer guests. Explore relaxation and luxury at JW Marriott Hanoi!

suite living room space with table and view

Suites Renovation

As part of the hotel’s continual renewal program, 56 suites have been refreshed to offer a new look with luxurious in-room touches with a range of enhanced services; this has included the creation of nine rooms with balconies affording guests great views over the lake and the city, feeding into the hotel’s narrative of a true resort-in-the-city.

Fansipan Ballroom Sofa set-up event space

Ballrooms Renovation

Need to hold a meeting? Well look no further as this hotel has a large range of meeting space including two newly refurbished ballrooms with the latest technology all located on one floor…perfect for those that need a meeting space coupled with bedrooms, this hotel is perfect.

Akira Back - Japanese Restaurant

Introducing KUMIHIMO

Kumihimo, a modern Japanese culinary experience where art, culture, and cuisine intertwine, uniting people and inviting them to savor the rich montage of life's diverse flavors. Inspired by an ancient Japanese art, our name symbolizes the essence of connection - where every dish, every sip, and every shared moment weaves a tapestry of unforgettable experiences.

Rooms & Suites

Enhance your stay in one of our 5-star hotel suites in Hanoi, perfect for groups or families

What to Expect

Plan and Prepare for your Stay

Resort in the City

A wonderful resort doesn’t need to be located by the beach or next to a breathtaking waterfall. A resort in the city? We turn it into a dream come true. You will find our 5-star hotel in Hanoi the perfect getaway destination to spend a glamorous weekend with family and friends. Let us be with you on this journey to our magical destination and explore tempting offers!

Resort in the City

A Greenland of Sustainability

Located in the JW Lakeside Gardens, JW Greenhouse and JW Herb Garden are taken care of with a dedication to sustainability and gratitude for the beauty of nature. The herbs, such as Rosemary or Perilla, are used in several dishes and drinks at our restaurants and bars. Fertilizers are also alternated with organic ones made from oyster shells to preserve the soil quality. Let's be a part of our journey!

Rosemary herb at JW Greenhouse

Resort in the City

A Weekend Getaway

Dreamy holidays never end at our JW Lakeside Gardens where a family gathers for BBQ parties or a picnic day. Step out of the daily routines to revitalize your energy with activities tailored just for you such as movie nights or games for children while being surrounded by the tranquil lake and scenery of gardens. Let us be with you on this journey to our magical destination and explore tempting offers!

Picnic in style

Resort in the City

Explore Family Fun Getaway

It’s a staycation package designed just for the whole family to come and have a precious time together filled with joy. Get on the ‘Rosemary Journey’ with a welcome drink and dedicatedly prepared amenities once you arrive at our place. From the cuisine to activities like a herb planting class or a craft workshop for children, all services are delivered at the best. Visit with family a ‘green’ oasis of the city to nourish and enjoy!

Children are planting trees at JW Lakeside Gardens
Restaurants and Bars Highlight
Pianist Phuc is performing with his piano

The Emotional Space of Jazz

Back in the 1920s, any respectable Jazz musician was called a "cat". Cats and jazz musicians more or less share the same demeanor - the way they walk, talk, play or improvise. Come and join us for nightly live performance with the Cool Cats and immerse in the most glamorous jazz clubs in town! Discover the weekly performance calendar

Girl group cheering a champagne glass in Lounge

Let’s Rendezvous

Enjoy your time in the most luxury space with premium Champagne, Oyster and Caviar. We promise you an uplifting culinary experience only at Rendezvous Champagne Bar.​

Signature rolls exclusively available at  our rest

Modern Japanese Dishes

Our Japanese Chef Takanori Tanaka provides his dedicated, meticulous, creative, and always focuses on details. His signature dishes are rolls combining various ingredients and seasoning to deliver outstanding flavors. Find more Chef's dish sashimi, sushi, and signature rolls on our menu.​

Hanoi – The Destination & Local Heritages

Our Hanoi luxury hotel is located not too far nor too close from the center of Hanoi but at a perfect distance for guests who love discovering a local land and still have enough space for relaxing moments at the end of the day. Get on our shuttle bus and start your trip to discover the heart of Vietnam’s capital – The Old Quarter. Be a local, enjoy the cuisine, and wander in the beauty of this ancient city. Come back with the hotel, and let us tell a legendary story of the Dragon (Lạc Long Quân) and the Fairy (Âu Cơ) through brilliant designs. Other services and dishes served at restaurants & bars are also inspired by the rich heritages. The experiences you have here will last!

Dong Xuan Market
Free one way shuttle bus from Hotel to City Centre
Complimentary one way shuttle bus from JW Marriott Hanoi to City Centre. For more details, please contact: Concierge Hotline: +84 936 472 536 (Working hours: 6:00 - 23:00) Email: mhrs.hanjw.concierge@marriotthotels.com Hotel phone number: +84 2438 33 55 88 (24 hours)
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JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

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