A wealth of fresh, organically grown ingredients and a devotion to authentic gourmet cooking define the dining experience at The Westin Resort Costa Navarino. Eat well in a stunning variety of exclusive dining venues, where our award-winning chefs serve a range of ethnic, continental, Greek fusion and local fare based on the lush flavors of the area's countryside and the finest Kalamata olive-oil. Age-old recipes treasured for their health benefits and nutritional value vie for diners' attention with contemporary culinary explorations. Private dinners or romantic dinners against a backdrop of spectacular vistas or on secluded beaches, completely immerse the senses in the spirit of Messinia. The restaurants operate on a weekly basis and may not all be open at the same time during various seasons and periods throughout the year.

Outdoor terrace with tables and chairs next to pond.

Morias - Breakfast Buffet Restaurant


Bountiful breakfast offerings displayed across various service points with attendants, featuring a broad assortment of fresh local produce to fuel your day.

6:30 AM-10:30 AM
6:30 AM-11:00 AM
Restaurant terrace with tables and chairs over looking scenery.



Classic & signature cuts are served on large wooden platters, complemented by the freshest ingredients from small-scale local producers and specialty herbs & vegetables handpicked by our chefs from the resort’s purpose-built gardens.

Open for lunch and dinner
Table set with glasses and silverware and different entrees.

Da Luigi


From the Alps to Sicily, the diversity of the Italian cuisine is vividly portrayed with à la carte selections and traditional pizza-making, which can be often combined with the Greek tradition of outdoor cinema on the Agora screen.

Open for Dinner
Restaurant with round table and chairs next to window.

Armyra by Papaioannou


Fresh fish, seafood and Greek culinary delights by acclaimed chef Yiorgos Papaioannou of Piraeus, combined with the best ingredients and accented with local herbs, vegetables and olive oil.

Open for Dinner
Lounge area with tables and chairs and bench with pillows with view of ocean.



A unique beach-side spot to savor a superb seafood lunch menu. Freshly caught fish and signature delicacies, in a fascinating setting by the crystal clear Ionian Sea.

Open for Lunch
Outdoor restaurant with tables and chairs  set with glasses and silverware.

Kooc - Taverna Secrets


Be enchanted by the exclusive menu created by our multi-awarded Chef Giannis Parikos for KOOC secrets. Twisted culinary creations inspired by traditional Messinian dishes perfectly paired with an expansive range of wines.

Open for Dinner
Restaurant patio with tables and chairs lit up at night time.



In a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Onuki presents exquisite recipes and exceptional tastes of one of the most popular cuisines in the world. A refined and elegant bouquet of flavors will elevate your dining experience.

Restaurant table and chairs next to wall with decorative dishes on it.


Middle Eastern

The aromas, images and sounds of the Middle East come to life as your taste buds delight in the flat breads, salads and grills of fine Lebanese cuisine.

Open for Dinner
Diner table and chairs with burgers and sandwiches served on table.

Division 16


Division's 16 menu meets on-trend culinary concepts; burgers made with slow cooked 100% black Angus beef or roast chicken in home-made brioche buns served with locally sourced greens, baby jacket potatoes and salads hand-picked from our vegetable gardens.

Open for Lunch
Plates of kebabs served with french fries.



Traditional Greek souvlaki wrapped in grilled pita bread with garnishes, or threaded on small wooden skewers, accompanied by golden fries cooked in Messinian extra virgin olive oil, plus a choice of favorite Greek dishes.

Open for lunch and dinner
Exterior of restaurant patio lit up at night with stone pavement and stone exterior wall.

Kafenio & Deli

Coffee House

A fascinating new take on Greece’s time-honored coffee house culture, re-imagined as an all-day venue, traditional local meze with ouzo, light meals, regional pastries, along with a choice of locally produced cheeses and cold cuts.

Lounge with chairs and booth seating throughout room.

1827 Bar & Lounge


Inspiring signature cocktails amidst elegant décor, dominated by dark wood and native stone. 1827 is named after one of the most important events of the Greek War of Independence, the famous naval battle that took place in the adjacent Bay of Navarino.

Open for lunch and dinner
Outdoor pool with surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas.

The Westin Pool Bar


The sound of the Westin waterfall provides a relaxing backdrop to this pool bar, offering inspired alcoholic or virgin cocktails and aromatic coffee.

Outdoor in ground pool with palm trees and lounge chairs.

Lagoon Pool Bar


After a restorative swim, enjoy poolside a selection of revitalizing beverages, fresh salads, light dishes and delightful desserts.

Doorway leading to dimly lit bar with tables and chairs and candles.

Branco - The Tiki Bar


A vibrant cocktail, champagne & snack bar in the evening, which turns into a happening club later at night, located at the Agora.

Outdoor terrace with tables and chairs at night.

Morias - Dinner Buffet Restaurant


In the evenings, diverse buffets showcasing a wide array of international cuisine provide the opportunity to choose your favorite bottle of wine from our extended wine selection.

7:00 PM-10:30 PM
Morias - Fruit Salad
Westin Eat Well Menus

Whether you’re adjusting to a new time zone or recovering from your travels, restful sleep is the key to rejuvenation. Eating the right foods can have a dramatic effect on the quality of your sleep, easing you into a night of sound sleep and ultimately boosting your well-being.

Chef pouring yellow liquid into glass.
Westin Eat Well Menu for Kids

Since eating well isn’t just for adults, Westin has teamed up with the experts at SuperChefs™ to offer the Westin Eat Well Menu for Kids. Comprised of doctors, dentists, chefs, dieticians and other experts, SuperChefs is dedicated to educating kids on the importance—and the fun—of eating smart. Each of our special menu offerings is as delicious as it is nutritious, making kids and parents happy.

Table with different fruit laid out next to glasses of juice.
Westin Fresh by The Juicery

Fuel your day and enhance your wellness with Westin Fresh by The Juicery, an assortment of nourishing, healthy juices and smoothies. In keeping with our commitment to well-being, Westin offers a selection of wholesome juices and smoothies to fuel your day and enhance your wellness. Curated in partnership with the experts at The Juicery, each Westin Fresh blend packs a punch of revitalizing goodness.


Ted's Lounge at The Bay Course

7 KM

Located at the earth-sheltered Clubhouse of The Bay Course, Ted's Lounge is the ideal spot for lunch with breathtaking views of the historic Bay of Navarino.

Hills Club House at Hills Course

14 KM

Enjoy lunch at the Hills Club House, located in the nearby Navarino Hills Course.