Find Multicultural Influence + Cuban Inspiration at Moxy Miami

Art + Design

The design of Moxy South Beach, by Rockwell Group and Saladino Design Studios, celebrates the many elements of Miami’s cosmopolitan culture: the multicultural influence of the city’s Cuban community as well as immigrants from the rest of Latin America and beyond; the omnipresent beach and superb year-round weather; the lush landscape and tropical birdlife; the vibrant art and cultural scenes; the romance of ocean liner and cruise travel; and the city’s history as a destination for vacationers, from the Art Deco and Midcentury eras to the boutique hotel revolution of the 1990s. The hotel design makes references to Havana and Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, which helped inspire the design for Los Buenos, the taco stand/bodega in the lobby, and for the restaurants and bars, to Mexico City, specifically the chic Condesa neighborhood, whose collection of Art Deco buildings is second only to that of Miami Beach.

Relax + Unwind in Moxy Style


In suites, a custom neon artwork by Rare Culture reads “MAÑANA MAÑANA MAÑANA,” reminding guests to relax, Miami-style.

Awkward + Beauty


In the lobby, an oversize mixed-media collage merges vintage postcard from Florida and Cuba with wood-cut shapes and handwritten messages. Fancifully surreal, the work depicts fish walking upright in thigh-high boots, a sunbather balancing a basket of bread on her head, and a skin diver floating over the beach. The works evoke a sense of glamour and the allure of exotic destinations.

Fitness Center


On the second-floor terrace, near the pool and fitness center, a mural by Aquarela pays homage to the bird life of the Florida Everglades and the famed illustrations of John James Audubon. The whimsical collage depicts native birds enjoying themselves, South Beach–style, amid tropical foliage: a flamingo wearing a snorkel and mask, a hummingbird sipping a daiquiri, a toucan taking a spin class.

hotel in South Beach Miami


For The Upside, the hotel’s rooftop bar, New York artist Edward Granger created a colorful, geometric mural on the underside of a sinuous canopy. Granger’s work plays with the color-space technologies behind print and digital images to create what he calls “awkwardly beautiful fantasy worlds.” This mural nods to the thriving street art scene in nearby Wynwood and acts as a colorful beacon for the hotel when illuminated at night.

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