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We offer culinary delights for breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner at our fine dining restaurant and LUMEN Cocktails and Cuisine, a unique ambiance for lingering and relaxing.

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Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine


An exclusive dining experience and cocktail bar awaits in an airy and luminous interior, newly renovated, featuring refined details inspired after both contemporary and belle-époque taste.

7:00 AM-12:00 AM
Lumen Garden

Lumen Garden


Designed as a real urban oasis, far from the noise of the city, the Lumen Garden is the garden of the St. Regis Rome, available only for private events.

6:00 PM-1:00 AM
Sabering Ritual
Champagne Sabering

Dating back to the battles of Napoleon Bonaparte, who famously opened champagne with his saber in both victory and defeat, the art of sabrage is the signature ceremony of the St. Regis Evening Rituals series. “Champagne: in victory, one deserves it; in defeat, one needs it.” – cit. Napoleon Bonaparte. Evenings transform into sparkling celebrations a signature ceremony in our Evening Rituals series at 7 pm.

afternoon tea
Afternoon Tea

A favorite pastime of many luminaries, including The Mrs. Astor, who adopted the tradition at The St. Regis New York, the afternoon tea was a joyful occasion and an opportunity to host gatherings with friends as a prelude to her grand galas. Time for Tea remains a quintessential St. Regis tradition, offering an impeccable selection of fine teas and refreshments in an intimate setting. Everyday from 3 PM to 6 PM

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine - Bloody Mary
The Bloody Mary

Born as a Sunday Ritual and became an experience not to be missed at Lumen. The famous Bloody Mary, the signature cocktail of St. Regis, finds its ultimate expression in a unique and distinctive Mediterranean version made with all-Italian spices and flavors: the Red Admiral.

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine

The Lumen Society

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, LUMEN, Cocktails & Cuisine, invites Roman citizens and international guests to discover The LUMEN Society, the new meeting place for drink and music lovers. The gatherings take place weekly hosting local dj-set paired with superb cocktails curated by our mixologist.

lumen, event

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine

Signature Glass Collection

The LUMEN Signature Glass Collection is designed by contemporary artists and curated by Le Dictateur - one of the most dynamic independent realities of the Italian art scene. The collection, named "From Eyes to Mouth" nourishes the ambition to dissolve the boundary between a functional object and a work of art. With this project The St. Regis Rome and Le Dictateur evolve the drinking experience towards a higher aesthetic dimension. Each signature glass has given the name to a new curated cocktail, thus developing the art of creating cocktails that are good to drink an beautiful to admire at the same time

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine
Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine - Bloody Mary
Red Admiral - Signature Bloody Mary

The Roman version of the St. Regis institutional cocktail is named after the Red Admiral, a type of large and boldly colored butterfly symbolizing the rebirth through transformation, just like the St. Regis Rome has inaugurates a new era after its recent renovation. The Red Admiral is prepared at the guest’s table and served on a trolley exclusively created by Larusmiani for The St. Regis Rome.

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine

The emblematic cocktail LUMEN, mixed with Champagne, Italicus Rosolio of Bergamotto and Elettric Bitter, is the symbol of Lumen Cocktails & Cuisine and of its new era.

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine - Negroni 100 Cocktail
Negroni 100

Also the all-time classics boast a new look: the legendary Negroni - that celebrates its 100th anniversary - is now served in a taylor-made crystal bottle that can be disassembled into three pieces. The upper part contains the coctkail while the base, made up of two stacked glasses, is an invitation to sharing, encouraging conviviality around a truly iconic drink like the Negroni.

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine - Martini

The most classic of cocktails, masterfully crafted for a timeless drinking experience.

MINI MING - designed by Federico Pepe

Inspired by the tradition of Chinese porcelain as an example of supreme elegance and aesthetics, the series is composed by two glasses, conceived as vases with a lid and hand-decorated with an iconic and recurrent patterns such as "Eyes in Chains" and "Spine". Mini Ming recalls the oriental Ming vases changed into pots and cups used for drinking wine since ancient times. The oriental mood is found in the choice of ingredients that give life to a fresh cocktail mixed on yuzu and dai-dai juices plus infused tangerine green tea.

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine

POZZANGHERE - designed by Nico Vascellari

Pozzanghere is a collection of glasses half-lathed and half-shaped by hand. The ceramic cups designed and manufactured for The St. Regis Rome are inspired by the contrasts and opposed forces of which the city of Rome seems to be fed and be a symbol, from the origins linked to the mysterious fate of the twins Romulus and Remus. The two faces welcome a cocktail where the herbaceous and dark notes inspire a primary and primitive dimension, where drinking becomes a ritual integrated in a community context.

Lumen, Cocktails & Cuisine - Glasses Signature Collection

ATOLLO - designed by Patricia Urquiola

An alluring shimmering glass evocatively named Atollo, from "atholhu" in the Dhivehi language, idiom originating in the Maldives archipelago, recalling the heavenly land of an atoll. The glass, indeed, is conceived as a column supporting a hemispherical module, just like the heavenly landscape of an atoll enclosing an internal lagoon. Atollo is the starting point for an imaginative exotic journey reflected in the namesake cocktail made with Champagne, Italicus, Americano Cocchi, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and gin.


L'Alchimista - designed by Elena Salmistraro

Alchemy, the art or science of material and citizen transformation. The Alchemist, the fourth glass collection by the Designer Elena Salmistraro, comes to life inspired by Lumen and its constant evolution. The Alchemist encompasses a collection of colors, experiences and stories that, together with the cocktail, tell different perfect moments of the day.

Alchimista Negroni
Lumen Garden
Lumen Garden
Lumen Garden
Lumen Garden

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