Use Points When You Travel

Take Off

  • Use points with more than 250 airlines and car rental providers.
  • Pay for flights and car rentals with points or points and cash – all without blackout dates.


Plane wing above the clouds as the sun sets
Over-water bungalows

Unwrap a travel package

Plan a getaway of 7 nights or more.

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Get On Board

Use (or earn) points when you book through our exclusive partner Cruise with Points.

Plane flying through the clouds as the sun sets

Transfer Points to Miles

Use your frequent-flyer program to check your points at the gate.

More Ways to Redeem Points for Travel


Find a respite from airport delays and crowds with access to 600+ executive airport lounges.

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Redeem points for expedited security screening and easier U.S. airport connections.

Need More Points?

You can purchase up to 50,000 points per calendar year for yourself or another member.