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Tradition elegantly shaken through a modern culinary lens is what to expect at the hotel's restaurants and lounges which offer a range of exquisite dining and beverage options for Venetians and visitors alike. Gio’s Restaurant & Terrace on the Grand Canal, one of Venice's newest dining destinations, presents Venetian and Italian cuisine in a setting of smart informality - the private garden of the St. Regis Bar is an informal space for local tastemakers and guests to mingle, and Arts Bar with its club like atmosphere and outdoor terrace is where cocktails have been specially created to celebrate masterpieces of art.

Gio's Restaurant & Garden

Gio's Restaurant & Terrace


An unexpected haven in the midst of Venice’s contemporary art scene, Gio’s Restaurant & Terrace presents a modern journey of Venetian and Italian dishes crafted with integrity and a disruptive twist.

7:00 AM-11:00 AM,12:00 PM-2:00 PM,7:00 PM-10:00 PM
St. Regis Bar - View

St. Regis Bar


Shake tradition from breakfast all the way to dinner. Indulge in our bespoke selection of contemporary Italian cocktails and delicious food, either indoors or out in the garden, all served with our superb views of Venice.

8:00 AM-11:00 PM
Arts Bar

Arts Bar


Atmospheric and experiential, Arts Bar sets the mood as evening unfolds into the night with its avant-garde selection of art-inspired modern and classic cocktails, premium Italian spirits and casual elegance.

Recipient of international mixology awards, Bar Manager Facundo Gallegos brings a vanguard spirit to classic mixology at the St. Regis Bar and Arts Bar.

Argentinian born, Bar Manager Facundo Gallegos moved to Italy at an early age where he grew up in the industrious North East of the country. Facundo trained professionally at AIBES, Associazione Italiana Barmen e Sostenitori, before commencing his bartending career on board cruise ships in the Caribbean Seas serving an international audience.

Back in Italy Facundo acquired professional and personal maturity at the Cipriani in Venice, subsequently deciding to venture to London in 2011 to pursue his love for mixology. There he broadened his international hotellerie experience at The Dorchester Hotel as a bartender at The Bar before moving up in the ranks to become Head Bartender. In 2017 the Connaught Hotel welcomed Facundo as Bar Supervisor of the coveted and world-renowned Connaught Bar and successively as Assistant Manager of its Coburg Bar.

With a classic yet multi-faceted approach to bartending and mixology, Facundo earned a 5th place in the Long Drink category at the IBA World Cocktail Competition in Beijing in 2012, and climbed to the top of the podium in the 2012 UKBG (United Kingdom Bartenders Guild) National Cocktail Competition, as well as having sommelier certifications to his name.

Facundo returned to Italy in 2019 to open The St. Regis Venice as Bar Manager of the hotel's two bars, Arts Bar and the St. Regis Bar. He brings with him a passion for shaking traditions, infusing innovation into the classic elements of mixology and bartending.

Dome glass with drink and garnish.

Santa Maria - Signature Bloody Mary

A St. Regis ritual that honors the creation of the Bloody Mary cocktail by famed barman Fernand Petiot in 1934. Bar Manager Facundo Gallegos’s local interpretation of the legendary cocktail, Santa Maria, shakes tradition using innovative techniques and a modern approach: prepared with local grappa and clarified tomatoes, its light distinctive hue is reminiscent of the city’s blushing pastel skies.

Person opening champagne bottle with small sword.

Evening Ritual

Dating back to the battles of Napoleon Bonaparte, who famously opened champagne with his saber in both victory and defeat, the practice of sabrage has become a signature St. Regis ceremony performed for guests in our Evening Rituals series. It marks the moment of transition from day to evening when lights are dimmed, music is shifted and candles are set out. Every Friday and Saturday between 5.30 pm and 6.00 pm.

Gio's Restaurant & Terrace

A Botanical Oasis Overlooking the Grand Canal

Gio's Garden & Bar

Welcoming locals and and visitors to Venice from morning to lunch and until late, the mood at Gio’s Restaurant & Terrace transitions from understated and casual throughout the day to a more formal atmosphere as our nightly sabering ritual begins. Set at the edge of the Grand Canal with immediate access to the hotel’s secluded Italianate garden, Gio’s Restaurant & Terrace is an unexpected haven in the midst of Venice’s contemporary art scene, a lifestyle to be lived and indulged in at every hour. Drop by for a midweek or weekend breakfast on the waterfront terrace, a mid-morning espresso in the bar, a quick or leisurely lunch in the garden, afternoon nibbles, the aperitif hour, dinner with friends, or even a nightcap. We look forward to welcoming you to living the exquisite.

Restaurant patio area with rose bushes, seating areas and patio overlooking river canal.

When an intimate celebration is de rigueur

Extraordinary Moments

For those meaningful occasions, Gio's Restaurant & Terrace presents its most romantic Table for Two. Anchored to the restaurant's Grand Canal terrace and in eternal engagement with Venice's iconic waterscape, this inspiring setting lends itself superbly to wedding proposals and the celebration of anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions. Moments made all the more exquisite with a tailored menu and the personalized services of Gio's Restaurant & Terrace Hosts, Restaurant Manager Enrico Pagnotta, and Sommelier Miriam Quartesan.

Cocktail table and two chairs on balcony overlooking river canal.

A Preference for Privacy

The Monet Room

With three large windows offering perspectives of the Grand Canal and Gio's outdoor waterfront terrace, the Monet Room is a stylish and luxurious private dining space within Gio's Restaurant itself. Seating parties of up to ten wishing to share private conversations and an exceptional food and drink experience, the Monet Room is an ideal venue for executive lunches, extended family gatherings, and intimate celebrations with just a few select friends.

Room with venetian wallpaper, dining table and chairs with view of canal out of windows.

Exquisite Local Produce for Contemporary Tastes

Aiming to enhance every element of your dining experience, from the bread baked fresh every morning to the final flourishes performed at the table, our menus are dynamic, featuring a variety of classic Italian and Venetian dishes, eloquently reworked with disruptive elements. Featuring amongst the proposals are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, all of which may be crafted to suit personal requirements. Fresh, simple ingredients – expertly sourced and imaginatively prepared.

Grilled meat on plate with side salad.

Spring Favourites

Breaded veal chop served pink with roasted papillote potatoes.

Plate with dessert with two wine glasses and tiramisu in a cup.

An Exquisite Twist on Classics

Italian Tiramisù served with coffee ice cream.

Pot of spaghetti with two plates.

Passionate about Spaghetti

Spaghetti, three varieties of tomato, Reggiano parmesan selection aged 12, 24 or 36 months.

Arts Bar

Cultural Masterpieces, Recreated as Cocktails

Refined Casual Elegance

Arts Bar presents an invitation to an energised and sensorial club-like world in which contemporary art, design and creative mixology play an integral part of the conversation flow. It starts from our hand-crafted drinks: signature cocktails inspired by Venice's artistic and cultural legacy, all served in a stunning experiential space. A curated collection of liquid experiences – lovingly crafted, and expertly served.

A man and woman at the bar.
Our Contemporary Cocktail Masterpieces
Drink with fog spilling out.

The Venetian Cobbler

Rich. Smokey. Refreshing. A cobbler fit for St. Mark, the patron of Venice, The Venetian Cobbler is inspired by Tintoretto's The Miracle of the Slave, 1548

Three glasses with pink drink in each.

Piero's Punch

Clean. Fizzy. Aromatic. Inspired by Piero della Francesca’s "Annunciation of Virgin Mary", 1467 – 1468.

Clear drink in tall glass with three mini paintings of canal next to it.

G & T With A View

Botanical and zingy. A tribute to Canaletto's "The Entrance to the Grand Canal", 1730.

Envelope and pink drink with foam in martini glass.


Elegant and smooth, and homaging Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, 1725 - 1798.

Mini bottle of brown liquor,  glass surrounded by white plaster, shaped like an egg.

The Hatched Negroni

Bold and bitter, this cocktail takes inspiration from Jeff Koon's "Cracked Egg", 2006.

Colorful liquids and garnishes in four martini glasses.


Strong and complex. A homage to Giacomo Balla's "Abstract Speed + Sound", 1913.

Face sculpture on table with two drinks.

Whisky Dot Sour

A twist on a classic whisky sour and a tribute to Yayoi Kusama's Mirror Pumpkin Room, 1993.

Lending energy and vibe to Venetian evenings are modern Jazz interpretations, at times live or DJ-led, performed against the backdrop of a handsome dusk orange color palette, snug seating and transcendent artworks.

St. Regis Bar

A preserve for sensorial relaxation

The Garden

On fine weather days, as winter transitions into spring and nature blossoms, the St. Regis Bar takes its informal culinary and beverage experience outdoors into the Italianate Garden. With its superb views across the Grand Canal, common Myrtle adorned corners dotted with Eden Roses, and coral and cream umbrella-shaded tables, the garden is a dynamic space for locals and guests to mingle. Cultivate downtime inspired by the ballet of activity on the water as you sample our signature Santa Maria Bloody Mary, order from the roaming Spritz trolley, or indulge in Chef Nadia's Spaghetti ai Tre Pomodori.

Restaurant patio with trees, draped tables, chairs and flower arrangements.

A specially commissioned mural, Untitled View, 2019, by Italian artists Sara Goldschmied and Eleonora Chiari, is the focal piece of The St. Regis Bar. Displayed on the wall opposite the bar counter, the artwork changes during the day, perfectly reflecting from within Venice's changing colours and outdoor elements, as well as the movements of the barmen and individual observers, making time, space, and observers conscious and inadvertent protagonists of the work itself. The mural is a tribute to both St. Regis tradition and the legacy craft of glass making in Venice.

Amber liquid in clear glass with garnish.

Santa Maria

For connoisseurs of the Bloody Mary, the all-time classic has no peers in the city: Santa Maria, our own signature take on the famed cocktail, celebrates unique ingredients from the Veneto and homages the beautiful domed Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute visible across the water.

Balcony with chair and table overlooking canal with buildings in background.

Timeless Tradition

A spectrum of rose coloured sunsets tinges stone architectural monuments – sensorial moments to be indulged with leisure accompanied by a variety of rose coloured drinks - from pink martinez to orange spritz to red negroni and botanical cocktails.

Plate with different bite sizeds breads topped with different foods.

Crafted Bites

Informal dining for contemporary tastes - from bespoke chicchetti plates to imaginatively prepared salads and freshly made pasta. Tasty plates to be enjoyed all day long.