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Nearby Things To Do

まきぼう (Makibo)

0.1 KM

Menu : Soba noodles

マーケットプレイス (The Marketplace)

0.1 KM

The Marketplace offers a convenient selection of snacks and drinks. There are also restaurants around the hotel where you can enjoy local specialties. Please ask our staff for recommendations.

我流酒房 胡麻や (Gomaya)

1.1 KM

Menu : Grilled fish, salads, yakitori, udon, local cuisine

島屋食堂 (Shimaya Shokudo)

1.2 KM

Menu : Ramen noodles, udon

山水本店 (Sansui Honten)

1.3 KM

Menu : Udon, curry, tempura, soba, set menus

焼肉 食道園 (Yakiniku Shokudoen)

1.5 KM

Menu : Yakiniku (Barbecue)

焼肉 陣屋 (Yakiniku Jinya)

1.7 KM

Menu : Yakiniku (Barbecue)

ニュー柳屋食堂 (New Yanagiya Shokudo)

1.7 KM

Menu : grilled beef, grilled pork, udon, tonkatsu (deep-fried pork), set menus

プントミーノ (Ristorante PUNTO MINO)

2.4 KM

Menu : Pasta, soup, fresh fish

川泉 (Kawasen)

3.5 KM

Menu : Unagi (eel)

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