Av. Calle 72 No. 5 - 51, Bogota Colombia
+57 1 4824202

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The Artisan D.C. Hotel, Autograph Collection
Front Entrance

Guest Rooms

Metropolitan Deluxe Twin
Metropolitan Queen/Queen Room - The Weaver Tower
City Standard Room
Capital Superior Guest Room
Metropolitan Deluxe Room
Metropolitan Deluxe King Guest Room
Metropolitan Deluxe Twin Room - The Tailor Tower
Metropolitan Deluxe Double/Double Room - The Tailor Tower
Capital Superior Room
Capital Superior Queen Guest Room - The Tailor Tower


The Weaver Tower
Weaver Tower
Studio Room Detail
Studio Suite


The Cooper Library Detail
The Cooper Library Detail
The Cooper Library
The Cooper Library Detail


The Cooper Lounge Bar
The Cooper Lounge Bar Details
The Cooper Lounge Bar
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