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Front Desk
Plaza Gazitua Fountain

Guest Rooms

Family Room
King Deluxe Guest Room
Double/Double Deluxe Guest Room
Business Room Office
Business Room
Family Room - Bedroom
Guest - Bathroom


Presidential Suite - Living Area
Presidential Suite - Bedroom
Presidential Suite - Bathroom
Presidential Suite Bathroom - Tub
Executive Two Bay Suite - Living Room
Executive Two Bay Suite
Executive Two Bay Suite - Bedroom
Executive Two Bay Suite - Bathroom

Services & Amenities

Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge - View


Latin Grill
Latin Grill Bar
Latin Grill - Dining Area
Akun Lounge & Bar
Akun Lounge & Bar - View
Café Med
Café Med - Seating
Café Med - Conger Stew

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Heated Pool
NAO Health & Fitness Center
NAO Health & Fitness Cardio Machines


Nao Health & Fitness Luxury Spa - Couple´s Massage
Nao Health & Fitness Luxury Spa - Massage Room

Nearby Attractions

Cajon del Maipo Chile
Cajon del Maipo
Easter Island in Chile
Easter Island
Easter Island in Chile
Easter Island
Vineyards in Chile
Valparaiso Skyline
Valparaiso Skyline
Torres del Paine
Torres del Paine

Events & Meetings

Salon G Foyer
Foyer - Coffee Break
Sierra Nevada Meeting Room- Classroom Setup
Sierra Nevada Meeting Room - Coffee Break
Tacora Meeting Room - Banquet Setup
Tacora Meeting Room - U-Shape Setup
Marriott Gallery - Banquet Setup
Marriott Gallery - Classroom Setup
Marriott Gallery - U-Shaped Setup
Ballroom Theater Setup
Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Ballroom Salon G - Rounds Setup


Plaza Gazitua


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