Residence Inn Halifax Downtown

1599 Grafton St., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2C3 Canada
+1 902-422-0493

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Front Desk
Rooftop Patio


Double/Double Studio Suite
Queen Studio Suite
King Studio Suite
One-Bedroom Suite - Living Room
One-Bedroom Suite - Bedroom
Two-Bedroom Suite - Living Area
Two-Bedroom Suite - Kitchen
Two-Bedroom Suite - Sleeping Area
Suite Bathroom - Shower/Tub
Suite Bathroom - Walk-In Shower


Halifax Hotels
Business Center
Halifax Market
The Market


Hearth Room - Dining Area

Recreation & Fitness

Halifax hotel with fitness center
Fitness Centre

Nearby Attractions

Halifax waterfront
Halifax Waterfront
Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia
Peggy's Cove

Events & Meetings

Catering - Food & Beverage
Sackville & Piccadilly Rooms
Halifax Hotel Meeting Space
Meeting Room
Halifax Meeting Space
Meeting Room - Classroom Setup
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