Neumuehlequai 42, Zurich 8006 Switzerland
+41 44 360 70 70

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Hotel Views

Downtown Zurich Hotel Exterior
Lobby - Seating Area

Guest Rooms

Deluxe Guest Room
Deluxe Guest Room
Zurich Single Hotel Room
Single Room
Zurich Accommodations - Deluxe Rooms
Deluxe Room
Deluxe bathroom at Zurich Marriott Hotel
Deluxe Room - Bathroom
Zurich Hotel Superior Guest Room
Superior Room
Superior Room - View
Zurich Hotel Room
Club Room
Zurich Executive Hotel Room
Club Room
Club Room
Club Room - View
Zurich Hotel Bathroom
Club Room Bathroom
Zurich Hotel Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
Bathroom Amenities


Marriott Zurich Grand Superior Room
Junior Club Suite
Junior Club Suite - View
Zurich Hotel Guest Room
Junior Club Suite - Sleeping Area
Zurich Hotel Room
Junior Club Suite - Living Room
Business Suite Bedroom
Business Suite - Bathroom
Club Suite - Living Room
Club Suite - Sleeping Area
Zurich Panorama Suite
Panorama Suite Living Room
Zurich Hotel Suite
Panorama Suite Sleeping Area
Zurich Suite with View
Panorama Suite - View
Zurich Hotel Panorama Suite Bathroom
Panorama Suite Bathroom
Zurich Marriott Hotel Suites
Business Suite - Seating Area
Business Suite Rainshower
Business Suite Rainshower
Zurich Business Suite Meeting Room
Business Suite Meeting Room

Services & Amenities

M Club - Entrance
M Club - Breakfast Buffet
M Club Lounge - Dining Area
M Club - Lounge


Zürihonig - Honey from Zurich
Herb Garden


eCHo - Gondola
eCHo - Breakfast & Brunch Area
eCHo - Dining Area
eCHo - Swiss Cheese Fondue
Marriott Sunday Brunch
Zurich Thai Restaurant White Elephant
White Elephant
Zurich Marriott Restaurant White Elephant
White Elephant
White Elephant Restaurant - Thai dishes
Bar & Lounge 42
Bar & Lounge 42 - Bar
Bar & Lounge 42 - Cocktails
Smoker's Lounge
Smoker's Lounge - Sitting Area

Recreation & Fitness

Motion Fitness
Motion Fitness Center
Motion Fitness Center - Sauna
Motion Fitness - Relaxation Room

Nearby Attractions

Zurich City
Parade Square - Zurich City Center
Lake Zurich
River Limmat
Limmat River - Recreation
FIFA World Football Museum
Zurich Opera House
Zurich Opera House

Events & Meetings

Millennium Ballroom- Festive Setup
Sächsilüüte - Reception Setup
Sächsilüüte - Dining Setup
Atelier - Show Kitchen
Studio 1
Studio 1
Studio 1 - Ceremony
Studio 2 - Social Setup
Studio 2 - Boardroom Setup
Studio 2
Studio 3
Studio 4 - Classroom Setup
Studio 4 - Classroom Set Up
Studio 4 - Banquet Setup
Studio 4
Studio 5
Studio 5 - Glass Cube
Studio 6
Studio 7 - Boardroom Setup
Studio 7 - Boardroom & Coffee Break
Studio 8 - Boardroom Setup
Millennium Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Millennium Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Millennium Ballroom - Theater Setup
Mangosteen Outside Location
Mangosteen Outside Catering
Hub 4 - Pre-Function Area
Hub 3
Hub 4 - Lunch Break
Hub 2 - Coffee Break
Hub 2 - Live Cooking
Hub 4 - Lunch Break
Hub 1 - Lunch Break
Century Ballroom - Classroom Setup
Click Share Technology
Terrace - Barbecue setup
Terrace - Barbecue
Terrace - Beverage Station
Terrace - Lounge Setup


Studio 1 - Ceremony Details
Millennium Ballroom - Reception
Century Ballroom - Reception
Mangosteen Outside Location - Weddings


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