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マーケットプレイス (The Marketplace)

0.1 KM

Browse the convenient selection of snacks, drinks and other sundries at the Marketplace. Find this casual dining spot in our hotel lobby and ask our staff for recommendation on local places to eat in Hokkaido.

Pizzeria e Trattoria CERVO

1.7 KM

Their authentic pizza has been approved by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. They use plenty of selected vegetables and seafood from Eniwa and Hokkaido.

Gelateria Gigi

1.7 KM

Their gelato is the first ice-cream that received the Pasturage Certificate in Japan. They specialize in gelato using pasture fed raw milk.

ビストロ サンカント(Bistro Cinquante)

2.2 KM

A reasonably priced Western menu prepared by a chef trained at a first-class French restaurant. They have steak and an ala carte menu that comes with wine for the dinner menu.

喫茶 俺ん家˝(おれんぢ)(Café Orange)

2.3 KM

It's a café where you can relax and make yourself at home. They have plenty of items on the menu including set meals, curry and rice, gratin, and sandwiches.

懐石 あんだん亭(Kaiseki Cuisine Andantei)

2.3 KM

Their Kaiseki cuisine is made with many surprising ideas. They carefully choose ingredients and fully use their skills to make delicious and delicate dishes.

ベーカリーハウス ピーコック(Bakery House Peacock)

2.3 KM

A bakery always crowded with local people from early morning. They recommend the chewy white bread.

Café&IT Fiesta

2.4 KM

They have many items on the menu including Japanese and Western food full of the owner's commitment to offer delicious meals. Their menu includes Kawara Soba, Mikan Nabe, handmade hamburger steak, and more.


2.5 KM

You can enjoy fresh Lamb Genghis Khan and spicy Sichuan cuisine. Their eye catching mapo tofu is made with authentic spices from Sichuan.

旬のお料理・釜めし いちえ(Shun no Oryori Kamameshi Ichie)

2.6 KM

They use plenty of delicious rice from Eniwa and ingredients from the mountains and ocean of Hokkaido for their delicious kamameshi.

手打ちそば 思君楼 本店( Hand-Made Soba Shikunro Honten)

2.6 KM

Their popular thick and short noodles are chewy and have a strong buckwheat flavor. Many soba fans visit them from Hokkaido and elsewhere.

焼鳥ダイニング BONZO(Yakitori Dining BONZO)

2.7 KM

Since their establishment, they have taken pride in their preparation of ingredients and their charcoal grill. Their skewered chicken is so delicious that you will never forget it once you try it. They have various wines and spirits.

居酒屋小ばちゃん 栄恵町本店(Izakaya Obachan Seiei Main Store)

2.7 KM

They have been serving authentic cuisine, including fresh seafood, sake from various regions, and genuine shochu, with the concept of "seasonal seafood, local sake, and courtesy" since their establishment.

トモヱベーグル(Tomoe Bagel)

3.0 KM

They use only wheat from Hokkaido and natural yeast. They are particular about safety and security and make each bagel in the traditional way. Their bagels are highly valued for their taste and chewiness.


3.0 KM

Enjoy their handmade ramen noodles in thick soup. Alcohol is served at night.

cafe福座(Cafe Fukuza)

4.0 KM

It's a café on the banks of Yukanboshi River where wild birds gather. Enjoy carefully selected coffee and meals with elaborate ingredients and handmade tableware.

炭焼豚丼 空海(Sumiyaki Butadon Kukai)

4.1 KM

They use selected pork from Hokkaido and Yumepirika rice, Hokkaido's brand rice, and polish it themselves. For soba, they mill brown buckwheat of Botansoba from Urausu Town and make their noodles by hand.

レストラン ヴァルハラ(Restaurant Valhalla)

5.2 KM

You can enjoy Hokkaido's specialty Genghis Khan dish and fresh beer while viewing the beautiful garden. The restaurant is located next to Sapporo Beer Hokkaido Brewery.

幸寿司(Ko Sushi)

5.5 KM

Their reasonable lunch is very popular and there always are people in this restaurant. The hearty and photogenic Ko Sushi Don is very popular (the quantity is limited).

みるくのアトリエ 寺田牧場(Milk Atelier Terada Farm)

6.0 KM

A restaurant directly managed by a farm. Cheese made from milk high in fat is thick and slightly sweet with a smooth texture, and it goes well with pizza crust.

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