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Extended Stays of 14 Days or More
To personalize your long-term stay experience, contact Sole Irigoyen. Sole will maximize your stay with us while keeping your basic needs in mind–functionality, consistency, comfort, and value. Residential-style suites are available, with fully equipped, spacious kitchens.
Modern amenities are seamlessly interwoven with timeless classics in our suites
During your stay in West Orange, prepare your favorite meal in your suite's fully equipped kitchen
Plunge into plush beds topped with fluffy pillows and drift away to a restful night's sleep
After a bustling day, lounge around and stream your favorite Netflix and Hulu shows on our Smart TVs
Separate sleeping and living areas make our suites feel less like a hotel and more like a home
Bolster productivity during your New Jersey business trip with free Wi-Fi and ergonomic workstations

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Please note: all room sizes are approximate.

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