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On-Site Outlets
Stone Sauna

Hot-Stone Spa

Let the heat of Shizuoka’s hot springs soothe your muscles at our luxury hotel spa. Relax on hot stone tables, where the heat removes impurities and cleanses your body. You can also relax in your room with a private onsen and view of Mt. Fuji.

Hot-Spring Bath

Onsen - Hot Spring

Sink into the warm hot spring water and relax as natural lights shine into our historic onsen.

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

On-site fitness center featuring cardio equipment, free weights and other workout equipment.

Visit historic Shuzenji Temple and the lovely gardens of Shuzenji Nijinosato near our hotel Learn More
Spend a fun day at the Cycle Sports Center and then tour Baird Brewery Gardens, both near our hotel Learn More
Play golf at the variety of scenic, 18-hole courses near our resort, including Shuzenji Country Club Learn More

Nearby Things To Do

Zip Line 「ShuzenZIP」

1.2 KM


7.3 KM

Invite your family and friends to enjoy a fun train ride through the park.

Izu Cycle Sports Center

20.0 KM

Work up a sweat at a sports center with multiple active activities including cycling.

Izu Granpal Park

30.2 KM

Gather the kids to have some fun in a theme park with swimming pools and slides.

Izu Onsen Mura

9.2 KM

Laforet Shuzenji & Country Club

1.0 KM

Laforet Shuzenji & Country Club consist of 18 holes, 6,201 yards and 72 par.

1529 Odaira, Izu-shi, Japan, 410-2415

Fuji-amagi Golf Club

8.0 KM

Fuji-amagi Golf Club consist of 18 holes, 9,426 yards and 108 par.

1190-1 Kakigi, Izu-shi, Japan, 410-2507

Shuzenji Country Club

9.0 KM

Shuzenji Country Club consist of 18 holes, 6,052 yards an 72 par.

965 Hinata, Izu-shi, Japan, 410-2406

Izukokusai Country Club

11.0 KM

Izukokusai Country Club consist of 18 holes, 6,444 yards and 72 par.

1004-5 Horikiri, Izu-shi, Japan, 410-2418

Nakaizu Green Club

24.0 KM

Nakaizu Green Club consist of 18 holes, 7,152 yards and 72 par.

1521-108 Hiekawa, Izu-shi, Japan, 410-2507


8.0 KM

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