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Everything you've imagined, curated to perfection. At JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, we'll craft an experience that feels just right at every touch. Marrying dreams with detail, passion with efficiency, thoughtfulness with elegance, and luxury with authenticity.

We hope you'll be inspired and delighted at all the right moments, as you enjoy the comforting professionalism of our expertly choreographed service.


A Grand Celebration

Step into the majestic JW Marriott Ballroom for the extravagant wedding you've dreamed of. 

Elegantly adorned with Italian chandeliers and a high ceiling, the pillarless ballroom along with an expansive foyer sets the ideal stage for your big day.

Take advantage of our high-definition LED wall backdrop and state-of-the-art lighting technology to create a memory that lasts forever. The JW Marriott Ballroom can accommodate a banquet of up to 56 round tables of 12 people or a reception of 1,100 people.


An Enchanted Affair

Exchange your vows at the alfresco Pool Lounge for intimate romance. Celebrate the start of your happily-ever-after journey at the idyllic space where the scenic mountain views offer a beautiful backdrop for your solemnisation and cocktail reception.

Immerse yourself and your guests in the extraordinary setting surrounded by blooms and love in this hidden gem right in the centre of the city. 

Pool Lounge can accommodate a standing cocktail or a wedding ceremony for up to 80 guests.


Pour Your Heart Into Every Detail

We offer a comprehensive selection of wedding packages which includes a generous host of complimentary entitlements and exclusive deals. Alternatively, allow us to customize your dream wedding based on your taste, style and budget, and guide you through every stage of your preparations.


Celebrate Like No Others

Let us bring your special celebrations to life, from birthdays, full moon dinners, graduations to engagement parties, anniversaries and reunions.

We offer a vast choice of elegant venues with stylish setting that fits your occasions, alongside enticing packages with a customised menu and exclusive privileges that make your events even more memorable.