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Get a taste for Tarumizu at Seijuan Soba and Yakiniku YOSHI

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マーケットプレイス (The Marketplace)

0.1 KM

The Marketplace offers a convenient selection of snacks and drinks. There are also restaurants around the hotel where you can enjoy local specialties. Please ask our staff for recommendations.

喫茶&洋風居酒屋40(Cafe & Western-style Izakaya 40)

0.3 KM

There are variety of menus such as deep fried pork, Karaage and also coffee. Lunch and bento boxes are available depending on the number of people.

宮田屋珈琲(Miyataya Coffee Tarumizu)

0.3 KM

They offer home-roasted coffee by hand drip. There are also takeout drink and coffee beans available.

たるたるキッチン(Tarutaru Kitchen)

0.3 KM

There are light meals such as curry rice, soba and udon. They sell take-out menu as well.


0.3 KM

Excellent location. A Japanese restaurant inside Tarumizu Hamabira Roadside Station. They deliver fresh seafood from Tarumizu.

とんぼラーメン(Tonbo Ramen)

2.1 KM

A ramen shop along the national highway in the center of Tarumizu City. Fried rice set is popular.

みなみ水産 冠八屋(Minami Suisan Kamahachiya)

2.5 KM

Tarumizu is the place which has the biggest amberjack fish farm in Japan. They are also offering processed goods to sell as well.

創作割烹 やまぐち(Japanese cuisine Yamaguchi)

2.7 KM

At this restaurant, you can select what to eat from variety of unique dishes. Please enjoy the personality of the chef as well.

中華料理 光華園(Chinese Restaurant Kokaen)

2.7 KM

They offer very classic chinese food. You can visit here in a variety of situations like with friends, with your family and by yourself.

十五郎そば(Jyugoro Soba)

2.7 KM

A long-established soba restaurant with over 300 years of history.

炭火焼肉×Yoshi(Yakiniku YOSHI)

2.8 KM

They are mainly using Tarumizu ingredients such as various vegetable, fresh pork and Wagyu beef raised in the rich land of Tarumizu.

精寿庵(Seijuan Soba)

3.2 KM

With a large signboard as a landmark, this restaurant is popular with men and women of all ages with a variety of set menus. Katsudon and power udon are popular.


3.7 KM

For lunch, the set meal of the day is popular for one coin. Izakaya menu are also available and you can also use the restaurant as a banquet venue at night.

日の出食堂(Hinode Shokudo)

3.8 KM

A cafeteria with a variety of set meals and noodle. Recommended menu is their special champon.

味処 海の桜勘(Ajidokoro Umi no Ookan)

7.2 KM

Please enjoy the Kagoshima amberjack “Umi no Ohkan”, a brand fish of Japan.

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