Discover Krakow from the most beautiful perspective! Discover the former city of kings, which impresses with its unusual history, beautiful architecture and magical atmosphere. Listen to the bugle call on the Main Square, stroll along the Vistula River and admire the Wawel Royal Castle from your room window.

At this Hotel

Swimming pool & Sauna

Find a moment to relax in our indoor swimming pool with a waterfall and counter-current that works like a jacuzzi. Guests can also enjoy a modern dry sauna and comfortable sunbeds to relax after swimming or sauna session.

Massage Room

There is nothing better after a long busy day than a relaxing massage session. Our professional specialists will take care of your health and well-being, offering various massages and beauty treatments. Reservation 3 hours in advance is required


Sheraton Fitness

Fully equipped gym, sauna and a massage room with a wide choice of treatments.