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Discover how you can contribute meaningfully to the community engagement with us at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa.

Recycling Old Linens: Why It Matters

Environmental Issues Surrounding Behavior Towards Old Linens

Old linens within the hospitality industry in Langkawi is one of the major contributors to the island’s textile waste problem resulting in water pollution, landfill and other negative environmental impacts.

In today’s environment, sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly practices are becoming more widely viewed as one of the key factors to a sustainable business strategy within the hospitality industry. Conversely, guests would be more likely to choose a hospitality organization if sustainability practices were implemented.

However, historically, the hospitality industry has had a significant negative impact on the environment, contributed by textile waste. The majority of textile waste heads to our landfill where they release greenhouse gasses and leach toxins and dyes into the surrounding soil and water during the decomposition process that is a significant contributor to global warming .

Recycling Old Linens: The Experience

Explore, Accomplish & Wonder through Craft Using Recycle Linens

In partnership with Kloth Malaysia Sdn Bhd, we invite guests to repurpose old linens into usable items to promote the importance of recycling and keeping fabrics out of landfills.

Aims to address the importance of keeping fabrics out of landfills, guests will be given an educational material that highlights the impact of linen waste. Led by the resort’s recreation team, guests are also invited to repurpose old linen into usable items such as a coaster, napkin and more inspired by Malaysian Batik design. The upcycling of linen into usable items provides guests a meaningful way to help reduce environmental wastage at the same time develop an appreciation of the cultural value of Malaysian Batik.

Guests can either keep the handicrafts they made as a souvenir or donate them to a charity organization. This experience is available weekly.  In addition, the resort will also support the Kloth Care Fabric Recycling Movement by donating old linens to vulnerable communities, living up the commitment to empower them through the entrepreneurship in textile and clothing circular economy.

Recycling Old Linens: The Impact

Reducing Landfill Waste with Linen Upcycling Program

The linen upcycling program serves as a platform for guests to understand the importance of sustainable contribution to the environment with hands-on experience in repurposing old linens into usable items.

Guests will gain newfound knowledge about the importance of reducing environmental impact through linen recycling and bolster sustainability efforts by turning old linen into usable items. In addition, this activity also provides guests with a meaningful way of giving back to the communities through linen recycling.  

Families with little ones will appreciate this action-packed activity as it is filled with education for their kids, and it is a great way to bond with their kids while travelling. This activity allows the kids to connect with the environment and learn about the culture element of the destination whilst providing an enriching experience for the whole family.