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Nearby Things To Do

Stolac - museum beneath the open sky,

Stolac, Radimlja reminiscence on hellenistic town

Tour By:

JU Radimlja

Hiking tour to the mountain Prenj

Mountain Prenj, Konjic

Tour By:

Tour Agency Visit Konjic

Wine and food experience - West Herzegovina


Tour By:

DMC Fortuna Tours

Golf Klub Posušje

52.4 KM

Topala b.b., Posušje, Bosnia Herzegovina, 88240

Golf Klub Sarajevo

127.2 KM

Slatina b.b., Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, 7100

Ski resort Blidinje - Risovac, skiing and snowboarding, there are 4 km of slopes available.

Neum, very clean Adriatic see, diving, parasailing, boating and jet skiing

83 KM

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