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The Westin Resort & Spa, Puerto Vallarta

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    Our Commitment to Sustainability

    Sustainable Environmental Practices

Welcome to The Westin Resort & Spa, Puerto Vallarta's Sustainability Commitment Hub!

Welcome to The Westin Resort & Spa, Puerto Vallarta's Sustainability Commitment Hub!

In 2023, our commitment to sustainability and community engagement soared to new heights. Through our dedicated team members, we contributed an impressive 3,443 hours to Just Report It program, underscoring our passion for making a positive impact.

Through our Serve 360 program, we proudly supported a variety of charitable organizations, including Horizonte de Paz, Fundación Canica, Corazón de Niña, Asilo Padre Aldana, Pasitos de Luz, Jardín de Niños Agustín Melgar, Friends of Animals Puerto Vallarta A.C., El Estero El Salado, and CEMBAB, A.C. These partnerships reflect our dedication to uplifting our local community and protecting our environment.

Our commitment to coastal conservation is unwavering. With regular beach clean-ups and contributions to the Blue Flag certification, we responsibly disposed of 321 kg of PET, 166.10 kg of plastic caps, 153.20 kg of aluminum, 0.03 kg of cigarette ends, 385 kg of organic waste, and 100 kg of inorganic waste from July to December.

Furthermore, with our initiative to install water dispensers refill stations in the hallways of all of our rooms, collectively, we have saved the planet from 102,045 PET bottles, significantly reducing single-use plastic consumption.

At Westin, we take pride in our sustainable water management practices. Annually, 9,600,000 liters of wastewater are treated in our wastewater treatment plant and used to irrigate the 250 m2 of green areas during dry seasons.

Additionally, our partnership with the Food Bank allows us to donate surplus food through the Al Rescate Program, minimizing food waste and supporting those in need.

Join us in our sustainability journey as we continue to make a positive impact on our planet and community, one eco-friendly initiative at a time.