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Quiet historic hotel, just 7 minutes from the Cathedral

The Palacio del Carmen Autograph Collection Hotel is located in the historic area of Santiago de Compostela very close to the town center, the Santiago Cathedral, the University and the Plaza Obradoiro. It occupies a building that was once the Oblatas Convent and exudes undeniable elegance. Our Santiago Hotel features tailored services to tend to all your needs ensuring you have a unique experience. AC Lounge, gardens, outdoor terrace, minibar and plasma TV. Our Indoor swimming pool, fitness center and contemporary restaurant El Camelio provide multiple options to unwind after a days sightseeing. This Santiago de Compostela hotel helps our guests plan the perfect social or business event in one of our fully equipped rooms. Free WiFi access throughout the hotel so guests can connect to the internet whenever they want

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Historic Charm in the City Center

Located in the center of Santiago de Compostela and a short walk from Finisterre, this magnificent former convent has been converted into a hotel that elegantly combines the city’s mysticism with its ancient past and modern identity. This way, an 18th century structure has been adapted to our time and transformed into a perfect finale for a long pilgrimage and a starting point for unforgettable vacations. The Palacio de Carmen channels the pure essence of Galicia, a region whose culture and history are steeped fairy tales, legends, and nature to create an experience unable to be replicated anywhere else.


Discover the Perfect Place To Live an Unforgettable Experience

The hotel gives off a relaxed vibe, with an approach to interior design that prioritizes quality materials and an air of harmony and balance. A truly unique location allows the hotel to be a place where history is made and guests can enjoy fresh summer nights surrounded by the best that nature has to offer. A succession of vibrant interiors and spaces infused with peace, life and an authentic refinement where comfort takes priority over everything else.

El Camelio Garden - Seating Area
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The Oblatas

The hotel is an 18th century tannery that was converted into a Convent of the Order of the Oblates at beginning of the 19th century. The Oblates were a group of religious women dedicated to the protection and assistance of women.

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Warm and Welcoming Arrival

The entrance to the hotel assumes that every guest arrives with a dream to achieve or a goal to reach. Whatever it may be, the Palacio del Carmen is committed to providing the guest with anything they need to make it a reality. Our doormen await within the hotel, creating the sensation of entering a sacred place.


Refinement and Boldness

Surrounded by fruit trees and fragrant herbs, the hotel distills nature and peace to their most incarnate forms and combines the decoration, refinement and boldness characteristic of our style. From the garden you can also see the best views of the Cathedral. There are 15 cats living in the garden. The oldest Camelio tree in Santiago, which flowers in two beautiful colors.

Elevate Your Stay in Santiago de Compostela

Set in a 19th century former Oblatas convent the Palacio del Carmen is located in a beautiful and quiet area, only a 5 minute walk to the historic center of Santiago de Compostela, the Santiago Cathedral, the University and the Plaza Obradoiro. Everything is authentic, from the city, with its history and perfectly preserved original architecture, to our incredible Hotel. It is exactly like nothing else.



Hotel Palacio del Carmen, Autograph Collection

Oblatas, s/n, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 15703

Tel: +34 981-552444

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