RISE Rooftop Lounge Sunset

The Westin Anaheim Resort Design and Architecture

The Modern Orchard

Based on Anaheim’s historic agricultural origins, the interior design of The Westin Anaheim Resort is inspired by the modern orchard garden and the busy pollinators that bring activity to the orchard. Guests visiting from all over the world can see trees bearing fruit in winter, as well as birds, bees, and butterflies on the property all year round. Forms, contours, textures, color, light and shade are concepts borrowed from the orchard and deployed throughout the interiors to evoke a sense of delight and ease.

Anaheim’s Agricultural Origins

Anaheim was founded in 1857 as the oldest colony experiment in the state of California. German colonists purchased a site of 1,165 acres irrigated by the Santa Ana River and started a community of fifty small farms with an ambitious goal to create the largest vineyard in the world. Soon after the attempt to grow wine, the grapevines were replaced by citrus and walnut groves as Anaheim developed and prospered. Agriculture remained the principal industry of the city until the mid-1950s, when the legendary Walt Disney chose Anaheim as the site for his world famous Disneyland. Today, covering 50 square miles and with over 350,000 residents, Anaheim is one of the nation’s premier municipalities surpassing the fantasies of its many founders.

 Lobby Area Quiet Room

Rich Textures and Finishes

Many property features and fixtures were custom made to pay homage to Anaheim’s agricultural history and pull through Westin’s biophilia design philosophy.

Lobby Area Side Seating

Carved Ceiling

The custom wood laser carved ceiling in the lobby bar is made to resemble the branches of a tree so that the dappled light shining down on guests invokes the sense of sitting under a tree. Patterns are mimicked in the carpeting for added effect.


Living Trees

Live potted citrus trees border the porte cochere and front entrance of the hotel, in the lobby of the hotel, and on the rooftop of the hotel.

Lobby Living Wall

Living Wall

The living green wall behind the hotel check-in counters reflect the core principles of biophilia and fosters a lively vibrant atmosphere. The hotel worked with Ambius, whose plants are reused, nontoxic and 100% recyclable. The Vertical Garden enhances the sense of arrival and well-being.

RISE Rooftop Lounge Sunset
Rooftop Lounge
RISE Rooftop Lounge Sunset
Rooftop Lounge

Custom Artwork

Featured in the meeting areas of the hotel are a custom set of free standing sculptures by artists C. Nelke and L. Den Dulk. Their work takes inspiration from Nature to the Avant Garde and is in both private and corporate collections from around the world; these longtime friends often collaborate on sculptural projects. Nelke, A Fine Arts graduate from Arizona State University and Den Dulk, a Mathematics Graduate also from ASU bring different viewpoints to each project. They blend the classic art styles with more contemporary twists that take their sculptural projects to very unique conclusions while working in various mediums including resins, metals and acrylics.

Anabella Pre-Function Space