The Mexican capital has one of the best food scenes in the world.
Mexico City is one of the largest metropolises in the world, and each of its neighborhoods has a distinct personality. Despite being massive in size, portions of the city can be explored on foot, especially in central areas and south of the city limits. World-class museums can be found minutes from Aztec ruins, and bubbly fermented drinks rooted in ancient tradition accompany the best barbacoa you’ll ever taste — it's easy to see why Mexico City attracts visitors from all around the world.
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Explore Mexico City

  • Polanco
  • Centro Histórico
  • Roma
  • Condesa
  • Santa Fe



Home to well-heeled locals and expats, ritzy Polanco’s immaculate streets and exclusive avenues are lined with upscale boutiques and restaurants helmed by some of the biggest names in the industry. This is the place to go when you want to shop both world-famous names and chic Mexican designers.

Known For

Upscale Dining, Shopping, Parks

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Centro Histórico


A mix of street vendors, taquerias and Art Nouveau architecture make this historic district a worthy itinerary stop, but Zócalo plaza is what makes it essential for every visitor. This buzzy square has a history as big as its gathering space: It once served as a community hub for parades, rituals and cultural ceremonies. Today, it retains its status as the heartbeat of the city.

Known For

Architecture, Landmarks, Dining

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Known as the city’s hipster playground, this once-residential neighborhood is experiencing a resurgence. Roma Norte, the north side, is more developed, with trendy rooftops, bars and small, high-quality restaurants literally everywhere. On the south end, Roma Sur is quickly catching up, with modern apartment buildings popping up at every corner, though it still has a relatively low concentration of restaurants and things to see in the area.

Known For

Cafés, Bars, Parks, Galleries, Pop-Up Markets

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Home to two iconic parks and leafy streets lined with Art Deco buildings, Condesa went from being a middle-class residential neighborhood to the epicenter of bohemian nightlife in the aughts. Today, Condesa is expat central with sky-high rents, gorgeous architecture, high-design boutiques and trendy sidewalk cafés.

Known For

Parks, Galleries, Restaurants, Bars

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Santa Fe


Once a literal wasteland — Santa Fe is said to have been built over a landfill site — this upscale area west of the city is full of corporate offices, great universities and shopping malls. Parque La Mexicana provides an expansive green space where well-heeled families and their dogs can while away the weekend afternoons.

Known For

Shopping, Universities, Corporate Offices

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Discover the Vibrancy of Mexico City in Just Three Days

Zocalo Square in the sunlight

Take in New and Old Architecture

Head to Centro Histórico for a glimpse into Mexico’s multilayered past. Snap a few pics of stately Bellas Artes on your way to the Zócalo, the town square, to admire the slowly sinking cathedral, the Diego Rivera murals at the Palacio Nacional and the Templo Mayor ruins.

The exterior of Castle of Chapultepec

Head to the Museums

Discover why Roma and Condesa are the city’s “it” neighborhoods by ducking in and out of their trendy cafés, rooftops and nearby museums. End the day by wandering the streets of their posh cousin, Polanco, and indulge in a multicourse dinner at a stylish restaurant.

Roast duck on a beautiful plate

Search for Local Ingredients

Head into nature for the day on a foraging experience you won’t soon forget, or choose a comfortable spot at one of the city’s many brunch options, most of which are found at upscale hotels.

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