The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 2V4 Canada
+1 604-682-3377

Just Add Water Yoga Studio

Take it indoors and enhance your stay with a renewing fitness class in our Just Add Water Yoga Studio. Inspired by the tranquility of the harbour that borders our well-being hotel, the Just Add Water Yoga studio provides a space to encourage movement and mindfulness. A variety of classes invite participants of all experience levels to meditate, restore, stretch, tone, and strengthen, all with the guidance of knowledgeable instructors. Find your center with our signature Move Well Yoga class, a one-hour Hatha and Flow-style hybrid that explores deepened breath and body range. For class times and more information, visit

Move Well Yoga:

Experience The Westin Bayshore’s signature class designed for all levels and customized by each instructor.

Move Well Yoga is a hybrid of Hatha and Flow styles, allowing participants to recharge for a more productive day, or unwind from a busy day of work or travel. Feel Well after moving through a series of exercises that help relieve tension in those tight spaces through deepened breath.

This 1-hour class offers something for everyone, introducing movements that allow for greater breath and body ranges.

*All levels welcome

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