Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa

Sungai Melinau, PO Box 1145, Mulu 98008 Malaysia
+60 85-792 388

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Resort Views

Aerial View of Mulu Marriott
Aerial View
Bird's Eye View Exterior Mulu Marriott
Aerial View
Aerial View Exterior Mulu Marriott
Aerial View
Front Desk Mulu Marriott
Front Desk
Lobby Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa
Great Room Mulu Marriott
Marriott Greatroom

Guest Rooms

Deluxe Riverside Room
Deluxe King Guest Room
Deluxe Rainforest Guest Room
Deluxe Double/Double Guest Room
Premier Double/Double Guest Room
Premier Double/Double Guest Room
Private Balcony Mulu Marriott
Guest Room - Private Balcony
Guest Room Bathroom


Presidential Suite Mulu Marriott
Presidential Suite Living Area
Presidential Suite - Sleeping Area
Presidential Suite extended Balcony Mulu Marriott
Presidential Suite - Extended Private Balcony
Presidential Suite - Bedroom
Premier Suite Bedroom Mulu Marriott
Premier King Guest Room
Premier Riverside Suite Living Area
Premier Rainforest Suite
Premier Rainforest Suite
Melinau Suite Bedroom
Melinau Suite - Bedroom
Melinau Suite Living Room Mulu Marriott
Melinau Suite Living Area

Services & Amenities

Resort's River Jetty
Resort's River Jetty


Business Center Mulu Marriott
Business Center


M Cafe Restaurant Mulu Marriott
M Café Restaurant
M Cafe Terrace Mulu Marriott
M Cafe Terrace
River Mulu Marriott
River Bar

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Pool Mulu Marriott
Outdoor Pool
Gymnasium Mulu Marriott
Fitness Center


Resort Jetty Mulu Marriott
Resort Jetty
Evening Boat Ride
Evening Boat Ride

Events & Meetings

Boardroom at Business Center
Ballroom Mulu Marriott
Ballroom Mulu Marriott banquet setup
Ballroom - Banquet Setup
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