Residence Inn Tallahassee Universities at the Capitol

600 W Gaines St, Tallahassee, Florida 32304-4308 USA
+1 850-329-9080

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Tallahassee Universities Hotel Front Desk
Front Desk
Tallahassee Extended Stay Hotel Lobby
Outdoor Patio at FSU Hotel
Outdoor Patio


FSU Hotel Suite Living Area
One-Bedroom Suite - Living Area
FSU Two-Bedroom Hotel Suite
Two-Bedroom Suite – Living Area
FAMU Suites near FSU
Studio Suite
Florida State Hotel Suite Bedroom
Suite Bedroom
Tallahassee Suites Kitchen
Suite Kitchen
Tallahassee, Florida Suites Bathroom Vanity
Suite Bathroom


FSU Hotel Business Center
Business Center


Tallahassee Hotels with Free Breakfast
Breakfast Area
Free Hot Breakfast
Complimentary Breakfast - Yolk or No Yolk? You Choose
Free Breakfast - Yogurt, Topped Off
Fresh Ingredients. Your Perfect Breakfast.
Complimentary RI Mix Reception
Complimentary RI Mix Reception

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Pool
Fitness Center at FSU Hotel
Fitness Center

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Events & Meetings

The Capitol Room
The Capitol Room
The Florida Room
The Florida Room
The Rattler Room
The Rattler Room
The Seminole Room
The Seminole Room
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