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Book exclusive dining offers including our famous Takieng Thai restaurant and Sand Box Beachfront Bar & Eatery. Contact us at phuketdining@renaissancehotels.com.

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Takieng - Seating Area



Takieng, the multi-award-winning Thai restaurant, ignites the senses with stunning beachfront views and delicious fare. Pair the romantic setting of our Phuket restaurant with enticing menu options that showcase the best of Thai cuisine.

12:00 PM-11:00 PM
Sand Box Beach Bar

Sand Box Beachfront Bar & Eatery


Claim your seat and sip your favorite drink at Sand Box Beachfront Bar & Eatery. This casual Phuket bar offers an airy tropical vibe set right on the sand. Enjoy light lunch options by day and craft cocktails and upbeat music by night.

11:00 AM-11:00 PM
لوكا فور - تراس خارجي

Loca Vore


Dine alfresco with a lagoon view or linger indoors at Loca Vore restaurant. Start your day in Thailand at our Phuket restaurant with a full breakfast menu including international comfort foods, Thai classics and global favorites.

7:00 AM-11:00 AM
Salon de notre complexe hôtelier de Phuket

The Lounge (Temporary Closed)


Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere at the Lounge, our Phuket cocktail bar. Reflecting pools and open-air patios invite you to relax and engage in conversation with fellow travelers in Phuket

Open for Dinner
Phuket Resort Kaffeehaus


Coffee House

Doppio restaurant is the place for health-conscious foodies. Sample healthy international dishes made from fresh, organic ingredients in a casual setting at our Phuket restaurant. Options include smoothie bowls, power salads and delicious wraps.

8:00 AM-5:00 PM


Kin Dee Restaurant

4.8 KM

'Kin Dee' means 'eat well' in Thai. Serving genuine Thai food in beautiful setting. Kin Dee is a family-run restaurant with an ex five-star chef and her sister at the helm.
JJ Bar and Restaurant

4.8 KM

The local Thai cuisine in a basic bar, a simple hut but clean and authentic. This local Thai restaurant that is family run, enjoy excellent Thai food with some drink as well.
Tanoon Seafood

8.5 KM

Perfect for a full day in an unusual location, Tanoon is a breezy restaurant close to a significant nourish bridge of an unexpected by which you can enjoy fresh seafood and local Thai food as well.
The Siam Supper Club

30.6 KM

The cool New York jazz bar vibe to it, the ambiance is intimate and subtle, and the walls are lovingly mapped with classical black and white photos of musical legends. Western cuisine, with a small selection of Thai specialties to keep everyone happy.
BrewBridge Craft Beer Bar

31.0 KM

A place for craft beers, exotic drinks and imported delights. Visit BrewBridge for a selection of more than 100 different craft beers from all over the world.
Laem-Hin Seafood

37.9 KM

Try live seafood cooked by master chefs, using the freshest and best quality ingredients caught from Andaman sea. Also savor with panoramic ocean scenery on romantic pier-side table.
Club No.43

41.3 KM

An awesome place for mixology & flair bar in Phuket old town.
Mirror Mirror Restaurant

41.7 KM

"The Reflection of your taste" a fine French restaurant in Phuket Town, located in Chino-House with cozy and charm decoration.
Timber Hut

43.2 KM

A spacious venue set in a unique red-brick building. The decor is a mixture of Thai and Western styles with flags draped from the ceiling. Enjoy a live band plays every night and drink which draws in a mixed crowd of locals and tourists.

43.6 KM

This century year old house was convertd into an amazing Thai restaurant. Eating here kind of feels like you're at grandma's house, so you know you're for a treat. Earning a reputaion for whipping up genuine Phuket-style Thai food.
One Chun Restaurant

43.6 KM

Relax in historical Phuket and Sino-Colonial Building. Fresh Delicious Southern Thai Cuisine.
B Cat Cafe

43.6 KM

Cat's playground, Cafe and Thai Food. Cat mania? This is chance visit the first cat's cafe in Phuket with a lovely oasis of great food and drinks with a sprinkling of playful cats to top it off. Don't miss baked pineapple.
Kopi De Phuket

44.0 KM

A Place for people to chat or indulge in traditional Phuket style drinks such as black-as-hell Kopi O brewed to a generations-old and naturally secret recipe from beans in Northern of Thailand.
Comics Cafe and Bar

44.2 KM

A new funky hangout. The bar is decorated with cartoon character dish "Comic's Salad". Berry Mix Jelly Sparkling Sake, fruity, sweet and bubbly with an interesting jelly-like texture, is recommended.
Eleven Two & Co

44.2 KM

The lovely restaurant that located in Chino-Portuguese with open-air and art-decor by serving Asian-Western fusion. Don't miss mango crape and Chicken Ka Paw Pizza.
Suay Restaurant

44.5 KM

One of the best and most stylish in Phuket Town, this restaurant serves contemporary Thai cuisine, Isaan (Som Tum), healthy drinks and charming dessert. Its style makes this bistro became popular among Phuket people nowadays.
Pancake Corner

44.7 KM

"If there are no pancakes in heaven I'm not going." This chic restaurant in town has a focus on 'Pancakes' in various forms, created from only the best ingredients. Smell and taste when you walk past this corner and don't miss the chocolate lava.
Smokin' Fish Restaurant

45.1 KM

Smokin' Fish by Chef Playim is the type of restaurant that you feel exactly like you eating at home. With motto "Homemade Style Meal - Best & Freshest". It delivers five star meals at affordable prices.
Tung Ka Cafe

45.2 KM

This small coffee shop cafe and restaurant, on the summit of Rung Hill, started in 1973. Dining is on a covered deck, with fabulous views of the town, the ocean and some of the island beyond. Sunrise and sunsets along with the refreshing menu.
Khao Rang Breeze

46.8 KM

A Superb view, setting on top of Khao Rang Hill. Khao Rang Breeze Restaurant has a variety of wine and foods that are sure to please everyone. Provides a dining experience with a difference, fiber optic lighting display, and beautiful outdoor terrace.
Hard Rock Cafe

48.7 KM

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket features a hardwood smoker, cooking Hard Rock’s classic ribs, chicken and pork to perfection.
Baan Rim Pa

52.3 KM

The Royal Thai restaurant in Phuket, features a piano bar showcasing live jazz, blues and Broadway standards nightly.

Coffee Brick

53.0 KM

The first drive thru coffee shop in Phuket with outstanding feature by using container build up to be a chic and cool coffee shop. Try organic forest coffee "Mivana" from northern of Thailand, also enjoy simply menu pasta and cake.
Kan Eang at Pier

57.8 KM

Boasts a huge selection of all favorite dishes with indoor and outdoor seatings and stunning views of Chalong Bay.

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