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Sustainability at Sheraton Waikiki

As a pioneer in sustainability, Sheraton Waikiki recognizes our unique kuleana, or responsibility, to preserve one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Together with our community of guests, asssociates, partners, vendors and owners, we are committed to doing our part to build a better tomorrow, for Hawaii and the world.

Take a Trip That Gives Back 

3 Easy Ways To Plan a Sustainable Hawaii Trip

Bring Your Own Reusable Water Bottle

By packing your own water bottle, you can avoid single-use plastics, which have a harmful effect on the environment. Sheraton Waikiki offers water filling stations on every guest floor, making it easy to stay hydrated and lessen your impact on the world around us.

Volunteer To Make a Difference

The relationship between people and place grows stronger every time you malama (give back). When you give back - to the land, the ocean, the fishpond, the community - you’re part of a circle that enriches everything and everyone, including your experience as a visitor.

Use Reef Safe Sunscreen To Help Protect Our Oceans

Hawaii was the first state to prevent bleaching of coral and other damage to the islands' ocean habitat by prohibiting sunscreen that contains harmful chemicals. Here at Sheraton Waikiki, we partner with Project Reef—a local mineral sun care brand—to provide you reef-safe sunscreen free of charge, available by our pools.

Sheraton Waikiki Globally Recognized With Sustainability Awards

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold, U.S. Green Building Council
  • Energy Star Certification
  • State of Hawaii Green Business Program Award

Saving Resources

In the guest rooms, SMART thermostats are connected to door locks to maximize efficiency, low flow faucets temper water usage, and corridor air conditioning is scheduled only to turn on during hot weather.

Re-imagining Amenities

Residential style amenities have replaced single-use plastic bottles in guestroom showers. 

Reusing Linens

Guests have the option to participate in a linen reuse program to save water and electricity.

Taro close up

Commitment on Farm to Table

Supporting local is important to us: when our community prospers, everyone reaps the benefits. Sheraton Waikiki has commited to reaching over 70% local produce, fresh fish, fresh eggs, and fresh poultry by dollar amount.