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マーケットプレイス (The Marketplace)

0.1 KM

Browse the convenient selection of snacks, cold drinks and other sundries available at the Marketplace. Find what you need for a day out in Nikko, Japan, or ask our helpful staff for restaurant recommendations throughout Tochigi Prefecture.

Cafe & Kitchen K

0.6 KM

Meal : Curry rice, chicken cutlet, beef stew

日光さかえや あげまんじゅう本舗 (Nikko Sakaeya Agemanju Honpo)

1.7 KM

Menu : Japanese sweets, coffee

日光プリン亭 (Nikko Pudding Tei)

1.9 KM

Menu : pudding, soft-serve ice cream

西洋料理 明治の館 (Meiji no Yakata)

2.1 KM

Menu : stew, hamburger steak, beef curry

Grill & Steak 妙月坊 (Grill & Steak Myogetsubo)

2.2 KM

Menu : Grilled steak, hamburger steak, soup

霧降高原 山のレストラン (Kirifuri Kogen Yama no Restaurant)

2.2 KM

Menu : Pasta, salad, soup, grilled fish

そば処霧降庵 (Sobadokoro Kirifurian)

2.3 KM

Menu : Soba

本宮カフェ (Hongu Cafe)

2.3 KM

Menu : Japanese sweets, coffee, tea, sandwiches

日光湯葉巻き Zen (Nikko Yubamaki Zen)

2.4 KM

Menu : Yuba dishes

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