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Experience Jakarta like a local at The Westin Jakarta. Our hotel is situated near the Jakarta Convention Center and Grand Indonesia in one of Indonesia's tallest and most famous skyscrapers, making us the ideal choice for corporate travelers. Leisure guests of the hotel love our location steps from shopping, restaurants and exciting attractions such as Gandaria City Mall and Kota Kasablanca. Immerse yourself in local culture, history and art in the nearby galleries, museums and shopping malls. After exploring Indonesia's capital, return to the hotel and let us pamper you with a spa treatment. No matter your interests, there's something for you only moments from our hotel in the vibrant city of Jakarta.

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History & Culture

Not only is Jakarta one of Asia’s most prominent metropolitan centers, it also represents Indonesia’s diverse culture consisting of 300 ethnic groups speaking 500 different languages and practicing over 5 major religions. A city brimming with contrasts, Jakarta is where you will find both simple and complex infrastructures and traditional elements among modern architecture.

Jakarta History & Culture


Jakarta is believed to be found in the early 16th century in the harbor town, then known as Sunda Kelapa. It was renamed to Jayakarta when Prince Fatahillah from Cirebon conquered the land. Soon after, it was renamed to Batavia under Dutch rule. The name Jakarta came to be shortly after World War 2 when the Japanese invaded and renamed it to win the sympathy of the Indonesians.


Jakarta’s culture is a fusion of many, melted together to form a new, more enriched urban culture with hints of century old traditions. The indigenous people of Jakarta are the Betawi who are descendants of the Chinese, Indians and Arabs. People speak Bahasa Indonesia, the official language, which is a variation of Malay. Other common languages spoken are Javanese, Sundanese, and Madurese.


The Indonesian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. There are six religions recognized in the country, the most prominent being Islam, the remaining being Protestant, Catholic, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. In Jakarta, specifically, 85% of the population practices Islam.

Cultural Activities

Your city tour of Jakarta begins at the historic National Monument (Monas). Jakarta’s most famous landmark is located in the center of Freedom Square, accessible within 20 minutes of the hotel. At night, take in views of the captivating monument as well as the glistening golden Flame of Independence.

Of all the places to visit in Jakarta, none is more culturally immersive than Pasar Baru, where traders of all ages meet, and the local food stalls are abundant. The area also dates back to the Dutch colonial era, giving visitors a glimpse into Indonesia’s past.

See the world’s last wind-powered trading schooners at the picturesque 17th-century port Sunda Kelapa, a must-see tourist attraction in Jakarta.

Tugu Proklamasi (Proclamation Monument) marks where Indonesia’s founding fathers declared independence in 1945 and is one of the most historic sites in the country. And on weekends, visitors can explore the majestic Indonesian president’s official residence, Istana Negara.

The national mosque of Indonesia and the biggest one in South East Asia, Istiqlal Mosque can host up to 120,000 people at a time. Revered for its architecture, the mosque features a 45-meter diameter dome in the center supported by 12 huge columns, all covered in aluminum. For this and its magnificent interiors, the mosque is a sight not to be missed.

Being located directly across the Istiqlal Mosque, the Roman Catholic Cathedral is the personification of the deeply held Indonesian national motto – Bhinneka Tunggal Ika – which means unity in diversity. One of the most visited places in Jakarta and a must-have on any itinerary, the historical cathedral is notable for its architecture and intricate designs, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

What was once the town square of the Dutch settlement in the city is now a vibrant place full of life, housing the Jakarta History Museum and Wayang Museum as well as local snack vendors and stalls offering traditional Indonesian knick knacks. Fatahillah Square is the ideal place for people visiting Jakarta for only 2 or 3 days, and seek to experience the history and culture of the city in one sitting.

Festival Jalan Jaksa (June) - A true street festival with a variety of local cultural shows such as palang pintu, silat, gambang kromong, tanjidor, marawis and ondel-ondel.

Jakarta Fair (June/July) - The annual Jakarta Fair is the largest of its kind in Indonesia, with traditional celebrations, food, and art in abundance.

Independence Day (August 17) - this public holiday is a national highlight, with most neighborhoods holding ceremonies and lively contests within their communities.


With your central location at The Westin Jakarta, you are best placed to conveniently enjoy the many shopping attractions in the city. You can buy exotic batik souvenirs and handicrafts at the local markets and continue your shopping spree at department stores inside the enormous malls within minutes. Stroll through Jakarta’s multitude of shopping options including Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, and the art market, Jalan Surabaya.

Shopping Options

Grand Indonesia

One of the largest and grandest shopping malls in Jakarta with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and recreational facilities.


Kota Kasablanka

A stylish mall that will fulfill all your shopping desires and invite you to indulge in upscale restaurants and cafes.


Kuningan City Mall

An up and coming mall for the young and the modern in Jakarta.


Sarinah Thamrin

One of the oldest malls in Jakarta which showcases Indonesian art, crafts, wooden carvings, batik clothing and antiques, perfect for your souvenir shopping.

Surabaya Street

A vibrant open-air market in the Menteng district, famous for its exotic items and souvenirs.


Rawabening Gemstone Market

A gem collectors’ paradise that houses over 1000 stalls offering uncut and polished gemstones of all kinds.


Tanah Abang

A refreshing market with a plethora of knick knacks and souvenirs.


Pasar Baru

One of the oldest street markets in Jakarta offering fabrics, stationery, beauty products, accessories, glasses, shoes and much more.

More Local Area & Activities

Treat yourself to an authentic, uplifting experience at the most exciting tourist attraction for families, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia Mini Park). Visitors can explore the representation of Indonesia’s 33provinces, over 250 cultures, and other recreational facilities.

Recharge with exhilarating fun at one of Asia’s largest theme parks and one of the best places to visit in Jakarta for adventure seekers, Ancol Dreamland, which is headlined by the theme park Fantasy World, SeaWorld, and Ocean Eco Park.

Designed to be a city within a city, Ancol Dreamland is home to a theme park, a water park, a bowling alley, a mall and an art market. Atlantis Water Adventures invite you and your family to enjoy an array of water slides and pools while Ocean Dream Samudra lets you get up close and personal with dolphins and sea lions. Combining many experiences in one extensive space, Ancol Dreamland should be on your itinerary, regardless of whether you are in Jakarta for a short 2-day trip or a long vacation.

Peruse Jakarta’s local treasures at the National Museum of Indonesia. This “Elephant Building” houses prehistoric, ethnographic, and archaeological artifacts, as well as one of the world’s largest collections of Southeast Asian ceramics and Hindu Javanese art.

More curiosities can be found at the Wayang Museum, which is dedicated to puppetry—one of Indonesia’s most famous traditional art forms, the Textile Museum, and the Museum Bank Mandiri.

Other notable cultural sites include the Fatahillah Museum, the Arts and Ceramic Museum, the Maritime Museum, and Bogor Palace. Meanwhile, Jakarta Arts Theater, a fully restored neo-Renaissance building, presents a dynamic program of indigenous, international, and cultural performances year-round.

Art flourishes in Jakarta, on the streets, in galleries, museums, cafés and malls. Its diverse cultural background, history of Dutch and Portuguese colonization, and a passion for expression makes for a city rich in artistic talent. Explore the many facets of art in Jakarta below:


Ancol Art Market (Pasar Seni)

A vibrant street market with colorful stalls selling paintings, sculptures, crafts, and displays made by local artists. The ambience is magnified on the weekends with local food stalls and a live band playing in the background. Come to find authentic local gems or have your own portrait done by a local painter.


Art: 1

The 2010 “Favorite Gallery of the Year” award winner is one of the most respected art institutions in Jakarta. The museum is split into two sections. Art:1 New Museum houses a permanent collection of works by prominent modern Indonesian artists, while Artspace:1 showcases contemporary pieces by emerging Indonesian and international artists.


National Gallery of Indonesia

This museum and art gallery is the center for modern and contemporary art in Indonesia, which aims to protect local talent and foster creativity as well as art appreciation. The institution also hosts thematic exhibitions from all over the country, to allow visitors a glimpse into the complete Indonesian art scene.


Dialogue (DIA.LO.GUE) Jakarta

One of the most popular art spaces and cafés in the city, Dia.lo.gue was designed to provide a space to stimulate creative exchanges between artists, designers and the general public. By bringing interesting ideas and creations to the eyes of the public, Dia.lo.gue hopes to improve recognition of art and design within the society at large, as well as encourage people to embrace their artistic side.


Bazaar Art Jakarta

Held annually at Pacific Place mall, it is one of the biggest art exhibitions in Indonesia. Occupying a 7,500 square meter area, art collectors and enthusiasts from around the globe gather here to view the work of over 600 artists with more than 2,000 artworks at a value of over 100 billion Rupiah.