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Set our hotel as your base to enjoy Aso area

Enjoy local attractions including the Aso mountains which is one of the world's largest caldera

Nearby Things To Do

マーケットプレイス (The Marketplace)

0.1 KM

The Marketplace offers a convenient selection of snacks and drinks. There are also restaurants around the hotel where you can enjoy local specialties. Please ask our staff for recommendations.


0.1 KM

Open from 8:00 in the morning. Popular dishes include its tonkotsu ramen, seafood tonkotsu dipping noodles, and spicy noodles.


0.1 KM

A restaurant situated in the JR Aso Station building. It serves set meals and noodles, among various other dishes.

コーヒープラザイースト(Coffee Plaza East)

0.2 KM

It serves a wide variety of dishes, ranging from dishes prepared with Japanese Brown beef and leaf mustard, delicacies of Aso, to Western food and desserts.


0.6 KM

You can enjoy Aso-raised Japanese Black beef, chicken, spare rib, and other kinds of meat charcoal grilled in a traditional Japanese hearth. It also serves exquisite kamameshi made with specially selected rice. *Please make a reservation for dinner.


0.6 KM

Serves a wide variety of food, ranging from specialties such as horse sashimi and chicken wings to popular izakaya dishes.

なか田 ~かんばんのない定食屋~(Nakata)

0.8 KM

The restaurant has no signboard, making it difficult to find at first glance. It serves a variety of popular set meals, including grilled horse meat, fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce, grilled meat, and ginger fried pork. For dinner, you can ord

山賊旅路(Sanzoku Tabiji)

1.0 KM

You can enjoy leaf mustard rice, which is a local specialty of Aso, as well as dumpling soup, which is a local specialty of Kumamoto. Other popular choices are rice dishes made with an original blend of three types of rice, and innards stew.


1.0 KM

You can enjoy lava plate grilled Japanese Brown beef as well as traditional Japanese course meals and local cuisine made with seasonal ingredients in a nature-rich setting.

あそら食堂&カフェ(Asora Shokudou)

1.2 KM

Its healthy meals made with unpolished rice, rice malt, and Aso-grown vegetables are a popular choice. It also serves sandwiches, spicy curry, and vegetarian dishes.

あか牛専門店ごとう屋 阿蘇店(Goto-Ya )

1.4 KM

Popular dishes are its Japanese Brown beef bowl, Aso leaf mustard Japanese Brown beef bowl, and Japanese Brown beef dumpling soup. The secret to the Japanese Brown beef bowl's popularity is beef miso, made with a rare kind of miso, and dashi soy sauce. Th

阿蘇 丸福(Aso Marufuku)

2.5 KM

A restaurant run by a butcher's shop. Popular choices include their deep-fried chicken set meal, curry, and noodle dishes. The butcher's shop next door offers take-out deep-fried chicken.


3.2 KM

Popular choices include its lava plate grilled Japanese Brown beef, which is a local specialty of Aso, Kumamoto cuisine, tantan noodles, and chicken tempura set meal. *Please make a reservation for dinner.

よかよか亭 あか牛館 宮地店(Yokayoka Tei Akaushi-kan)

3.7 KM

You can enjoy a wide variety of food, including its specialty Japanese Brown beef bowl, grilled meat, and local Higo cuisine.

いまきん食堂(Imakin Shokudo)

6.6 KM

A dining house with a 100-plus-year history. It is famous for its Japanese Brown beef bowl, which customers queue up for every day. It also serves beefburgers and udon noodles.

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