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Experience Good Travel with Marriott Bonvoy

Good Travel with Marriott Bonvoy is a program that offers meaningful travel, allowing you the opportunity to create a positive impact as you explore and build deeper connections in local communities when you stay in our hotels.

With over 100 curated experiences, the program focuses on three pillars – Environmental Protection, Community Engagement, and Marine Conservation. 

Discover how you can contribute meaningfully to Rejuvenate our community with us at Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa 


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Children are the future - let them grow

Let the Future Generation grow through you

Children need an enjoyable environment – You can paint the colors to their lives! Keeping Marriott’s core value of Spirit to Serve our community, our collective efforts will help create a cooperative learning environment with a positive social & educational impact, thus leading to a comprehensive learning environment.

Through colorful artwork we can help create a sense of empowerment and community that will help increase the children’s overall motivation. Children in this school are underprivileged and come from various tribal family backgrounds and hardly exposed to any education. Periodic visits and the experience we create during these visits will bring a great change in their lives. They will get to learn various things from visitors and when we combine it with donation of food, clothes and other essential stationery items, it will certainly make a beautiful difference to their poverty.

Education is a human right-Give it to every child

Let the Future Generation grow through you

The main activity is painting & restoring the Government Higher Secondary School in the local Nemmeli Village. Minimum of 5 people can participate. This program is once a week with 1 time slot.

Create a colorful change in a child's life

Join to be a change in a child’s life

An enjoyable & colorful environment creates a cheerful impact to the brain & development of a child. Our guests get to participate in this responsible yet fun activity and develop a better community.

Your giving is their future

Rejuvenate our community

Join us in creating a better future for our future generation! 

Create colorful lives in a child's life

Little we have let’s share

Our every little contribution to the community will build great pathways to our next generation and helps in their learning and development.