Rejuvenating Experience

Explore Spa by Le Méridien

Indulge in a rejuvenating escape amidst breathtaking natural beauty at Explore Spa by Le Méridien. Our spa radiates with vibrant energy and artistic flair, blending Ayurvedic wisdom with modern techniques to harmonise your mind, body, and soul. Nestled above the azure lagoon, each of our six treatment rooms offers panoramic views of the ocean through clear panelled floors. Two of these rooms are designed for couples. Additionally, we offer a hair and beauty room, a retail boutique, and a tranquil relaxation lounge. Let the gentle waves below serenade you as you achieve perfect balance and bliss.

On-Site Outlets
To enquire about spa services or schedule appointments, please don't hesitate to contact us at +960 400 8888 or email For a detailed overview of our spa offerings, simply click the link to view our menu.
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Entrance to Explore Spa by Le Meridien

Explore Spa by Le Méridien

Escape to a haven of natural beauty at Explore Spa at Le Méridien Maldives Resort & Spa. Full of magnetic energy fused with artistic expression, our spa offers massage and body treatments that revive the senses and inspire a feeling of place.

Fitness Studio

Waves Fitness Centre

Revitalise your body and mind offering yoga with views of the Indian Ocean, weekly classes and more.

Spa Design

Invigorating The Senses

Step into Explore Spa's sanctuary, where the design echoes the mesmerising energy of the Indian Ocean below. Our interior spaces are meticulously crafted to evoke tranquility, enhancing the experience of our revitalising treatments. Bold, oversized pendants, reminiscent of natural rocks, illuminate the transitional foyers, guiding guests into a realm of serenity. Reflecting the rich Maldivian culture, our furniture blends natural tones with local accents, creating a harmonious fusion of style and comfort.

Explore Spa reception area

Our Treatment Rooms

Relax In Style

In our spa treatment rooms, discover abstract and handcrafted art pieces, each exclusively tailored to its space. Guests are immersed in nature with clear panelled floors offering captivating views of the marine life below. Each treatment room features a completely private and distinctive outdoor bathroom, overlooking the vistas across the Indian Ocean.

Explore Spa Single Treatment Room With Lagoon View
Le Meridien Signature Treatments
Chakra Art

Experience our Chakra Art treatment! Begin with an energy-balancing herbal tea and a soothing foot massage. A gentle exfoliation is followed by a deep, relaxing warm-oil massage to awaken your “Prana”, or life force. Next, enjoy a tranquil head-and-neck massage while wrapped in warm linens. Finish with a refreshing cool towel and a full-body moisturising massage, leaving you fully replenished and vibrant.

Four Hand Choreography

Our harmonious blend of touch, scent, sound, and light creates a symphony of relaxation. Experience the magic of two therapists working in perfect harmony, guiding you into a profound state of tranquility. This mesmerising rhythmic massage is accompanied by carefully curated music, ambient lighting, and aromatic oils, ensuring a truly captivating experience for the body and soul.

Discovery Massage

Discover the rich healing traditions of the Indian Ocean communities at our spa. Our signature Discovery Massage incorporates local therapies with a personal touch, blending aromatherapy and indigenous rituals for a truly indulgent experience tailored to you.

Explore Spa Couple's Treatment
Healing Experience

Crafted around the healing properties of Neem, India’s revered “pharmacy tree,” this ritual harmonises therapeutic herbs to soothe the spirit and rejuvenate the body. Beginning with a signature foot scrub, followed by a full-body exfoliation and massage using restorative oils to release negative energy, it culminates with an envelopment and soothing bath experience. $450 ++ per couple.

Replenishing Experience

Enhanced with nourishing herbs and aromatic essences, this holistic ritual includes a signature foot scrub, full-body exfoliation, and a luxurious massage with a lush balm, designed to stimulate the Marmas (body's energy channels). Complete your experience with an envelopment and soothing bath. $450 ++ per couple.

Firming Body Envelopment

Energise and revitalise with our potent ingredients – cardamom, rose hips, and Gotu Kola – known to enhance skin elasticity. Start your ritual with a signature foot scrub, followed by a full-body exfoliation. Then, indulge in a stimulating massage using aromatic oils, concluding with an envelopment and bath for complete rejuvenation. $450 ++ per couple.

Aerial view of Explore Spa by Le Meridien
Aerial view of Explore Spa by Le Meridien
Kid's Treatment
Magic Massage

Make holiday memories together with a special treat for your little one. Simply let our therapist know the classic massage your child prefers, and they'll customise it to send your little munchkin off to dreamland. 30/60 minutes | $70++/$100++

Fabulous Facial

Let their radiant smile brighten your day. Indulge in a luxurious fruit facial, a gentle treat tailored for delicate skin. 30 minutes | $60++

Mani Makeover

Add a splash of colour to those little fingers with this pampering session, featuring nail shaping and a soothing hand massage using virgin coconut oil. 30 minutes | $30++

Relaxation Lounge

Peacefully Serene

Indulge into serenity at our spa relaxation lounge, a haven of tranquility after your treatment. Delight in a comforting cup of hot tea accompanied by fresh coconut chips, enhancing the rejuvenating effects of your spa experience and prolonging your state of relaxation.

Explore Spa relaxation area

Hair and Nail Care

Signature Manicure and Pedicure

Experience elevated style and elegance with our Signature Manicure and Pedicure, a luxurious hand and nail treatment crafted to pamper and refine, ensuring a polished finish from fingertips to toes.

Entrance to Explore Spa by Le Meridien
Zenful Equilibrium
Private Yoga Session

Discover inner peace in the idyllic setting of the Indian Ocean with our private yoga classes. Unwind with options of 60-minute sessions, or dive deeper into your practice with our transformative 4-day or 7-day packages.

Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar, or "Salute to the Sun," is a yoga practice that involves a fluid sequence of 12 interconnected asanas, designed to awaken and energise the body by harmonising the flow of energy throughout.

Blissful Meditation

Enhances mental resilience, promotes wellbeing and calmness, alleviates chronic stress, induces relaxation, fosters mindfulness, and enhances focus and concentration.

Energising and State-of-the-Art

Waves Fitness Centre

Step into our state-of-the-art fitness centre and elevate your workout routine with our private personal fitness training sessions, available in 60-minute sessions or immersive 4-day and 7-day packages. Our certified trainers will tailor each session to your individual goals, ensuring maximum results and motivation. Dive into a variety of fitness activities designed to challenge and inspire. From weight training and aerobics to boxing and PNF stretching, our diverse offerings cater to every fitness level and preference. Engage your core with abs contraction, or test your balance and stability with TRX or BOSU ball workouts. Whatever your fitness passion, our centre is equipped to help you reach your goals and surpass them.

Fitness Studio

Our Spa Brand Partner


Sundãri, meaning 'beautiful woman' in Sanskrit, is a skincare line from Los Angeles, California, specialising in anti-aging products. With a philosophy of 'Outer Radiance, Inner Serenity', Sundari focuses on holistic wellness, blending Ayurvedic principles with pure ingredients for mind-body-spirit balance. Globally distributed in select spas and resorts, Sundari offers 122 SKUs, including professional and retail products, inspired by four product lines: Nurturing, Healing, Firming, and Supplifying. Its chic packaging and vibrant colours seamlessly integrate with Explore Spa's aesthetic, emphasising the brand's alignment with the concept language of Le Méridien Spa.

Aerial Exterior

Essential Reminders

At Explore Spa by Le Méridien, we aspire to provide you with a relaxing experience during your visit. To ensure maximum comfort, we kindly ask you to arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment, allowing you to check in, get ready, and enjoy your welcome drink. Prior to your treatment, we also request you to please inform your therapist of any medical conditions, allergies, or injuries that may affect your spa experience which includes pregnancy or any recent surgeries.