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Nearby Things To Do

レストラン空海 (Restaurant Kukai)

0.1 KM

Menu : curry, pizza, hamburger steak, steak, pasta, salad

うどん・そば はし杭 (Hashigui)

0.1 KM

Menu : udon, soba, set meals (sashimi, tempura, curry)

喫茶 ワンコインランチ ケープタウン (Cape Town)

0.1 KM

Menu : set menus for breakfast and lunch, curry, gyudon (beef bowl), omelette with rice

喫茶 海里 (Kairi)

0.1 KM

Menu : curry, fried rice, sandwiches, yakisoba, ramen noodles, coffee, tea

マーケットプレイス (The Marketplace)

0.1 KM

Find a convenient selection of snacks, drinks and other sundries at the Marketplace in our hotel lobby. We offer everything you need to prepare for a day out in Wakayama. Ask our helpful staff about nearby restaurants and other local dining options.

シーサイドバル ナンシーズ(Seaside bal Nansea's)

0.7 KM

Menu : pizza, pasta, salad, a la carte menus

料理 萬口 (Manko)

2.0 KM

Menu : sashimi, tempura soba, grilled fish, set meals (tempura, sashimi, deep-fried pork), unagi (eel), tempura

居酒屋 香蔵 (Kagura)

2.1 KM

Menu : steamed fish, grilled vegetables, tempura, deep-fried pork, sashimi

串本旬彩 おおはし (Ohashi)

2.3 KM

Menu : full course meals with shabu shabu or grilled fish, sashimi, tempura

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