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Forget the ordinary. AWAY Spa at W Punta de Mita pushes the boundaries of relaxation, offering a sanctuary unlike any other, committed to respecting its natural surroundings. Imagine stepping into a cave-like space –a serene oasis cradled by the roots of a majestic fig tree adorned with the symbolic Huichol “Eye of God”, and glistening pools fed by a natural spring. This unique setting becomes the stage for personalized pampering, whether you seek a quick polish or a transformative spa experience.

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Ludic Pools


Shift into full vacation mode at AWAY® Spa, where a tranquil jungle setting, holistic amenities, customized spa therapies, and beauty treatments will leave your body nourished and looking its best for whatever comes next.

Tailored Treatments

At AWAY Spa, enjoy personalized treatments including deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, and aromatherapy massages. Our hydrating, anti-aging, and detoxifying facials will leave your skin radiant. Detoxify and nourish with luxurious body wraps, and indulge in exclusive spa rituals that combine multiple treatments for a holistic, revitalizing experience. Each service is personalized to meet your individual needs, ensuring a blissful escape from the everyday.

AWAY Spa Treatment Rooms

Hikuri Journey

Embark on a transformative journey guided by the sacred Hikuri, an ancestral tradition cherished by the Wixarica Culture for countless generations. As you walk this ancient path, allow yourself to be enveloped by the healing energy of the Hikuri, opening your heart to the whispers of the spirits and the wisdom of the land. Immerse in a scrub, body wrap and massage healing session, a sacred union of nature and soul, may you find solace, renewal and profound connection with the eternal essence of existence.

People sitting in a circle for a ceremony.

Holistic Experiences

Balance your energy with our curated activities, it’s all about living each momento to the fullest and creating the balance to keep it going. From Sound Healing Meditation, Cold plunge, Cacao Ceremony, to morning Yoga session.


Fit 24/7

Break a sweat. Stay active on the move with 24/7 access to FIT® facilities. Enjoy top-notch equipment, a private yoga room, and modern spaces to stretch and feel your best.

AWAY SPAs Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar

Experience luxury at W Punta de Mita's Beauty Bar. Enjoy manicures, pedicures, hairstyling, makeup, waxing, and more. Elevate your beauty routine with our sophisticated services, ensuring you look and feel your best.