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Backyard Lounge & Restaurant


Focusing on Costa Rican urban cuisine, our restaurant and lounge offer an authentic dining experience set in a refined atmosphere overlooking the San José cityscape. Reservations are required, so book now to ensure a mouthwatering meal at our hotel.

6:30 AM-10:00 PM
7:00 AM-11:00 AM


Pollos del Monte

3 KM

In Pollos del Monte they roast our chicken with coffee wood, which due to its characteristics emanate little smoke and at the same time give it a sweet flavor.
Restaurante Pizzeria Da Domenico

3.9 KM

Ideal for lovers of typical Pugliese and Campana cuisine, the charm of the place is accompanied many typical and traditional dishes.

4.3 KM

Bacchus specialize in artisanal Italian food and delight you with classic and fresh ingredients that give a unique flavor to their dishes.

4.5 KM

In Kiantis, there is a collection of the best and most exquisite dishes of national and foreign cuisine: meats, pasta, seafood and other delicacies are prepared by expert hands in the art of flavoring food.
El Punto

6.9 KM

With product from the earth and oceans and seek to make the most of every ingredient used.
Vino Mundo

7.1 KM

Vino Mundo is a restaurant under the concept of Mediterranean cuisine specializing in grilled meats that offers a wide variety of wines from different countries of the world.
Taj Mahal Restaurant

7.2 KM

Taj Mahal is passionate for their ethnic Indian cuisine.