Led by visionary epicureans preparing local and international fare, the exceptional dining venues at The St. Regis Astana offer authentic cuisine enhanced by seasonal ingredients. La Rivière, our all-day dining restaurant boasts a lively open kitchen and offers Italian cuisine throughout the day with a choice of indoor or alfresco seating. Izakaya-inspired pan-Asian cuisine is served at Asakusa, our casual fusion restaurant. Handcrafted cocktails and our signature twist on the St. Regis Bloody Mary are served at the vibrant St. Regis Bar, where guests are invited to indulge in rare vintages and a curated selection of the world’s finest champagnes. For private dining at any hour, our executive chefs design bespoke menus served by a discreet, intuitive St. Regis Butler.

Discover Pan-Asian Delights at Asakusa Restaurant
An enchanting journey through the East featuring a distinctive combination of exotic aromas and authentic flavors

At This Hotel

La Rivière

La Rivière


La Rivière stands tall as the city's pinnacle of Italian gastronomy. We prioritize sustainability in every aspect. Enjoy the atmosphere of our open kitchen and relish in cage-free eggs, Sonni coffee, and Newby tea, sourced with sustainability in mind.

7:00 AM-11:00 PM
The St. Regis Bar Library

The St. Regis Bar


Step into The St. Regis Bar and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of refined elegance. Seek solace in our library, a serene enclave where you can escape the outside world. Explore exquisite wine collection, carefully stored in our dedicated wine storage.

9:00 AM-2:00 AM



Immerse yourself in the vibrant Tokyo's Asakusa at Asakusa Izakaya Restaurant. Whether you crave a sushi haven or a full-fledged izakaya experience with sake pairings, we have it all. Discover our fusion restaurant, where Pan-Asian-inspired dishes await.

7:00 PM-12:00 AM

Afternoon Tea Ritual

Indulge into the St. Regis Afternoon Tea Ritual with traditional or Kazakh teatime offerings.

St. Regis Butler Service

Since its creation in England in the early 1800s by Anna, Duchess of Bedford, Afternoon Tea has long been associated with the entertainment of society. In the late 19th century, it was Caroline Astor, mother of the St. Regis founder John Jacob Astor IV, who elevated Afternoon Tea to a new level by introducing the ritual at dignified gatherings at her house in Manhattan.

Today, this ritual comes alive every afternoon at every St. Regis around the globe, where guests are invited to enjoy distinct interpretations of this legacy inspired by the respective traditions of each location. You're invited to a wide choice of refined teas, fingerfood and assorted pastries.


Il Forno

1.3 KM


1.9 KM

The Kitchen

2.0 KM

The restaurant offers homemade European cuisine, with comfortable ambience for relaxing meal with family and friends.
Korean House

2.1 KM

Enjoy delicious Korean recipes passed down for centuries or taste classic Hansik dishes at Korean House.
Line Brew

2.1 KM

Enjoy delicious steaks and wide selection of brewed beer.


2.3 KM


2.4 KM

Culinary concept of the restaurant is a high Kazakh cuisine, sophisticated and homemade tasty.

Qazaq Gourmet

3.6 KM

At the Qazaq Gourmet Restaurant, guests are given the opportunity to travel through the traditions of Kazakh cuisine, witnessing the revival of ancient nomadic recipes and the manifestation of the wealth of tastes of the Kazakh land.