Busy metropolis meets storybook town in this easygoing Southern city.
Rich history and an innovative spirit intersect in gleaming Charlotte, North Carolina. The city has strong Southern roots, but an influx of transplants has brought fresh creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit that make Charlotte feel like a city on the verge. This city is an excellent representation of the New South, and with its inspiring art galleries, delicious eateries, lush parks and a diverse entertainment scene, any visit to Charlotte is guaranteed to be a blast.
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Explore Charlotte

  • SouthPark
  • Eastover
  • NoDa
  • Uptown
  • Dilworth



Known for the SouthPark Mall, this neighborhood is much more than a shopping mecca. It’s also home to high-end restaurants serving global fare, from French to Japanese, along with dozens of bars and independent boutiques that are popular with local young professionals. Although it’s a thriving business district, it’s also a great area to drive around and see the stunning mansions that line the area’s streets.

Known For

Shopping, Dining

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The elegant Eastover neighborhood is one of Charlotte’s crown jewels, boasting great art, lush green spaces and idyllic local eateries. This primarily residential area is the place to go if you want to gape at stately old homes and visit the handful of high-end retail shops.

Known For

History, Parks, Shopping

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Leave plenty of time to explore Charlotte’s arts and entertainment district, NoDa, a colorful — often literally, thanks to the abundant street art — little neighborhood that’s home to incredible galleries, music venues and local eats. Once a mill district, NoDa is now home to a slew of eclectic shops and restaurants with an arty edge.

Known For

Arts, Music, Shopping, Entertainment

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Charlotte’s Uptown neighborhood is the heart and soul of the city, housing some of its best cultural attractions, cocktail spots and entertainment. The neighborhood’s diverse architecture represents both the tradition and innovation on offer in this booming Southern locale.

Known For

Museums, Nightlife, Sports

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As Charlotte’s first suburb, Dilworth holds a lot of history — but it’s always offering something new. From celebrated wine bars to indie bookstores, it makes for a breezy weekend afternoon in the Queen City..

Known For

History, Bars, Dining

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Explore the Breadth and Charm of Charlotte — North Carolina’s Largest City

An aerial view of a park surrounded by buildings

Enjoy Elegant, Historic Parks

Explore two of Charlotte’s loveliest neighborhoods to get a sense of the city’s historic character and idyllic charm. After a morning meander through dreamy outdoor spaces, spend the afternoon boutique-hopping in a tony shopping district.

A plate of breakfast on a table

Indulge in Local Arts and Culture

Immerse yourself in Charlotte’s rich arts and culture scene. Start with museum-hopping in booming Uptown, then follow it up with a visit to eccentric NoDa, the hippest hub in Charlotte.

The fountain at Freedom Park

Enjoy the Outdoors and Alfresco Dining

Wrap up a weekend well spent in the highly sought-after Dilworth neighborhood, home to great local bites, shops and parks. It’s dealer’s choice this afternoon: Get to know Charlotte’s motorsports side, or opt for more museums.

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