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Iridium Spa Services

Blending traditional and modern techniques, our treatments are elevated by Biologique Recherche spa products, renowned for their therapeutic benefits. Our expert therapists formulate bespoke rituals to fulfill each guest’s individual needs, from deep-tissue massages and detoxifying facials to body wraps and customized spa packages that will melt away tension and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Iridium Spa treatment Room

Iridium Signature Baths

Ultimate Moroccan Hammam
The ultimate traditional Moroccan hammam. Starts with black Moroccan soap wash followed by Rhasoul clay mask cleanse to smooth, hydrate, nourish the skin, and to clear, awaken the mind. Argan oils is applied to the skin in order to restore luminosity and banish muscular stress and tension.

60 Minutes - KZT 50,000
Glow Hammam Ritual
Restore skin's luminous beauty with this total body experience. Deeply cleansing, refining and nourishing, this experience incorporates a full body scrub with kesse, foam massage before finishing with a reawakening hair and scalp massage treatment.

45 Minutes - KZT 45,000

Body Treatments

Marine Mud Wrap - Hydrating and Soothing
Deeply revitalizing, stimulating and relaxing treatment, designed to purify the body, soothe tired muscles, and firm the skin.

60 minutes - KZT 45,000
Clay Mask - Detoxifying, Cleansing, Firming
Nourishing and re-mineralizing body wrap with natural volcanic clay for complete replenishment. The skin instantly regains natural strength and radiance.

45 Minutes - KZT 35,000
Rice Powder - Gentle Cleansing, Brightening
Body polish with coconut oil, honey, and micro-fine rice powder. Gently exfoliates and removes impurities from clogged pores without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Leaves skin bright and smooth.

45 Minutes - KZT 35,000
Dead Sea Salt Scrub - Intense Exfoliation
Our invigorating ‘Dead Sea Salt' body scrub infused with healing ingredients cleanses your skin-dulling cells leaving skin intensively smoothed and deeply hydrated. It's the perfect prep to maximize results of other body treatments.

45 minutes - KZT 35,000
Iridium Therapy - Purifying, Deeply Nourishing
Dry body brushing to prepare the skin for gentle exfoliation enriched with nurturing essential oils, promotes deep replenishment of the skin. As a final touch - a soothing clay mask. This is the ultimate kick-start to any rejuvenating treatment, you'll instantly feel and see the results.

90 Minutes - KZT 58,000

Bespoke Massages

Iridium Signature Massage - Rejuvenating
This refined experience begins with relaxing touches and continues with a holistic massage. You will enjoy a rejuvenating facial treatment as a final touch.

60 Minutes - KZT 43,500 | 90 Minutes - KZT 53,000
Iris Massage - Calming
Clarifying and deeply relaxing, this experience works on the concept of mindfulness, focusing on both mind and body to help de-stress and release physical or emotional anxieties. Through skillfully long stokes techniques and targeted massage to the feet, body and scalp, you emerge rebalanced, grounded and re-energized.

60 Minutes - KZT 41,000 | 90 Minutes - KZT 51,000
Deep Tissue Massage - Energizing. Intensely Relieve Deep-Seated Muscular Stress
Let go of deep tension, ease sore muscles and restore body and mind. Powerful specialized massage techniques target areas most in need of attention - releasing a stiff neck, aching lower back or tight shoulders. You emerge supple and re-energized.

60 Minutes - KZT 42,000 | 90 Minutes - KZT 57,000
Aromatherapy Massage - Harmonizing
Relax… replenish... restore… with remarkable results. Tension is released, a busy anxious mind is quietened and the finest selection of high quality aromatherapy oils soothe on the face, ease or energize mind and body, depending on your needs especially on targeted area which is upper back.

60 Minutes - KZT 41,000 | 90 Minutes - KZT 51,000
Four-Hands Massage - Enveloping
Ideal for those who find it difficult to unwind. This powerfully immersive treatment unites warm Essential Oils and sweeping movements by the expert hands of two therapists in a unique four-handed body massage. Deep-seated muscle tension is relieved, emotions are rebalanced and the spirit is restored.

60 Minutes - KZT 70,000 | 90 Minutes - KZT 100,000
Oriental Massage - Balancing the flow of Qi
The treatment combines Asian massage techniques with the use of herbal extracts to awaken the energy paths within the body. Brings mind and spirit into perfect balance. Leaves your skin soft and nourished.

60 Minutes - KZT 42,000 | 90 Minutes - KZT 56,000
Indian Oil Massage - Recharging
This seamless, deeply nourishing massage uses warm oil together with vigorous flowing movements to generate body heat and moisturize the skin.

60 Minutes - KZT 43,000 | 90 Minutes - KZT 55,000
Thai Massage - Increasing Flexibility
Thai massage is a dry massage using passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines, contributing to a sense of ease and well-being. Stimulates and release tense muscles, reduces stress, improves circulation, increases energy and flexibility.

60 Minutes - KZT 42,000 | 90 Minutes - KZT 56,000
Warm Stone Massage - Deeply Relaxing
This therapeutic full body massage is a powerfully immersive treatment that unites warm Essential Oils and hot volcanic stones. Using long and sweeping movements allowing the therapist to work deep into the tissues below the skin. Completely healing and deeply relaxing.

60 Minutes - KZT 45,000 | 90 Minutes - KZT 57,000

Jet Lag Recovery For Him or Her

Stress Relief - Balancing
Start with a welcoming foot ritual, followed by toning back massage or back scrub. Complete your journey with an Indian head massage.

60 Minutes - KZT 45,000
Express Facial
Express skin cleansing, light exfoliation with gentle face massage, followed by the application of a balancing mask. The ultimate touch a veil of light moisturizer.

30 Minutes - KZT 25,000
Back Facial Massage
This is our most renowned treatment - the ultimate face and back experience, uniting targeted massage techniques with the purest aromatherapy oils and a highly-personalized results-focused back facial.

30 minutes - KZT 28,000
Foot Reflexology
Concentrating on pressure points along the feet, this traditional Chinese medicine-inspired treatment revives weary feet while also reinvigorating the spirit.

50 Minutes - KZT 29,000

Biologique Recherche Face & Body

Iridium Facial - Rejuvenating
Beauty face treatment uses unique facial massage techniques for restoring facial muscles activity, promoting skin rejuvenation.

60 Minutes - KZT 50,000
Soin Hydreclat - Brightens, Restores
Purify, hydrate, brighten and smooth your complexion with this moisturizing and awakening treatment. Restores the barrier function of the upper layer of the skin. Recommended for mature skin and for the skin with age spots.

60 Minutes - KZT 60,000
Soin VIP O2 - Oxygenates, Illuminates

This luxurious balancing and oxygenating ritual is recommended for stressed, sagged or sensitive skin. Smoothing facial contours gives a radiant complexion immediately after the first procedure.

45 Minutes - KZT 50,000

Soin Lipid Restorant - Hydrates & protects
For the skin which has a lipid deficit and is dehydrated. Ultra-moisturizing, regenerating, restoring facial treatment.

60 Minutes - KZT 60,000
Soin Specific Contour Des Yeux - Multi-functional
Intensive care for sensitive skin around the eyes. Promotes better penetration of oxygen into tissues, fills the skin with active moisturizing elements for its comfort.

45 Minutes - KZT 40,000 | 75 Minutes - KZT 60,000
Soin Gommage P50 Peau Neuve - Exfoliates, Moisturizes
Deep cleansing of the body and moisturizing massage, during which the upper layer of the skin is restored, making the skin protected against adverse climatic conditions (sun, wind, cold).

60 Minutes - KZT 50,000
Soin Reharmonisant Et Drainant - Detoxifies
The treatment combines relaxing lymph drainage massage and the influence of specially selected essential oils Huile Détente, Huile Sous-Ombilicale or Huile Jambes Lourdes. Helping to remove toxins from the skin, improve digestion and create relaxation.

60 Minutes - KZT 60,000
Soin Foot Revitalisant - Refreshed & Relaxed - The Ideal Post-flight Rejuvenation
Perfect for tired feet and heavy legs, this targeted and revitalizing treatment helps reduce puffiness while soothing aches and pains.

30 minutes - KZT 35,000

Iridium Spa Journeys

Iridescence - The Supreme Awakening
Start with our most renowned treatment - the ultimate face and back experience followed by the eye treatment which helps smooth and firm for a more youthful appearance. Continue your experience with nourishing Luxurious hand and feet treatment and relaxation tea in IRIDIUM atrium.

Fee: 75 Minutes - KZT 39,000
Luminescence - Radiance, Replenishment
Start to relax in a steam and sauna after a replenishing rice powder body exfoliation followed by bespoke full body harmonizing massage. Your journey will be finished with an exclusive brightening and hydrating facial treatment and healthy beverage in IRIDIUM atrium.

Fee: 120 minutes - KZT 59,000
Transcendence - Transformation
Start to relax in a steam and sauna after a Dead Sea salt scrub polish in Hammam followed by relaxing Aromatherapy massage, continue your experience with foot reflexology and powerful facial treatment.

Fee: 150 Minutes - KZT 107,000
Bespoke Journey - Tailor made
Let this tailored treatment deliver exactly what you crave. Whether tense muscles need easing, your mood needs boosting or your mind needs calming, this bespoke approach to massage is ready to restore. Your Journey include: Glow Hammam ritual, Iridium signature massage, SOIN VIP 02 Facial treatment, Luxurious hands and feet.

Fee: 195 Minutes - KZT 132,000

Spa Plus - Enhancements

Stress Away Massage
An unforgettable 20 minutes aromatic and therapeutic scalp and shoulder massage with a moisturizing hair oil treatment.

20 Minutes - KZT 8,500
Touch Back Reviver
A deep tension relieving massage concentrating on the back, neck and shoulder.

20 Minutes - KZT 12,500
Luxurious Hands or Feet
A warm coating of moisturizing paraffin soothes and softens the skin.

20 minutes - KZT 12,500
Iridium Advance Eye Treatment
This advance eye treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area. Helps smooth and firm for a more youthful appearance.

15 Minutes - KZT 7,500

Iridium Couple's Indulgence

Couple's SPA Suite Indulgence
More than three hours escape with your loved one will start from replenishing rice powder body exfoliation in hammam followed by our signature IRIS massage and foot reflexology trearment and after you will enjoy one hour together in private Jacuzzi room with steam bath and tea ceremony.

210 Minutes - KZT 155,000 per couple
Divine Ceremony For Two
This exclusive experience begins with a luxurious refreshing Glow Hammam, seamlessly continued by our signature rejuvenating Indian oil massage. Complete your journey together, with facial treatment and tea ceremony in private Jacuzzi room.

250 Minutes - KZT 150,000 per couple
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