Iridium Spa Services

Blending traditional and modern techniques, our treatments are elevated by Biologique Recherche spa products, renowned for their therapeutic benefits. Our expert therapists formulate bespoke rituals to fulfill each guest’s individual needs, from deep-tissue massages and detoxifying facials to body wraps and customized spa packages that will melt away tension and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Bath Treatments

Moroccan Bath
A traditional hammam treatment is followed by a cleansing therapy using black Moroccan soap and rhassoul clay mask to purify the body. Soothing Argan oil restores the skin’s luminosity.

Fee: 60 minutes/50,000 KZT; 90 minutes/70,000 KZTbullet list item
Turkish Hammam
In this traditional Turkish purification ritual, the body is warmed in the hammam before our expert therapists exfoliate the skin with a kessa glove and melt away tension with a foam massage

Fee: 60 minutes/45,000 KZT; 90 minutes/60,000 KZT
Iridium Bath
Immerse yourself in this relaxing Himalayan salt bath, replenishing the skin with essential minerals in your choice of iris, rose, or salt crystals.

Fee: 30 minutes/25,000 KZT

Body Treatments

Back Scrub
This cleansing back treatment exfoliates and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Fee: 30 minutes/25,000 KZT
Marine Algae Wrap
This hydrating, revitalizing treatment harnesses the benefits of seaweed to purify the body, soothe sore muscles, and firm the skin.

Fee: 60 minutes/45,000 KZT
Foot Reflexology
An essential modality of Chinese massage, this treatment concentrates on the reflex zones of the feet and lower leg to release tension and improve circulation.

Fee: 30 minutes/25,000 KZT

Massage Services

Foot Reflexology And Relaxing Massage
Treat aching feet with our pampering footbath and foot reflexology. A full-body massage melts away tension.

(150 minutes)
Relaxing Massage
This calming massage eases tension by oxygenating the cells and improving circulation with long, gliding strokes.

Fee: 60 minutes/40,000 KZT; 90 minutes/60,000 KZT
Deep-Tissue Massage
Using firm to deep pressure, this energizing therapy is ideal for alleviating muscle tension caused by stress or soreness following a strenuous workout.

Fee: 60 minutes/45,000 KZT; 90 minutes/65,000 KZT
Back Massage (Champissage)
Our welcoming footbath ritual is followed by a stimulating back massage. Complete your journey with a relaxing head massage.

(90 minutes)
Back Massage
This shoulder and back massage soothes away tension in the upper body and improves flexibility.

Fee: 30 minutes/25,000 KZT
Aromatherapy Massage
This pampering massage uses a refined mixture of healing aromatic oils to rejuvenate body and spirit.

Fee: 60 minutes/40,000 KZT; 90 minutes/60,000 KZT
Detoxifying Massage
This purifying treatment stimulates lymph and tissue fluids to detoxify the body, leaving you feeling relaxed.

Fee: 60 minutes/40,000 KZT; 90 minutes/60,000 KZT
Crystal Stone Massage
Harmonize the mind, body, and soul while stimulating cell renewal with this deeply relaxing massage.

Fee: 60 minutes/45,000 KZT; 90 minutes/65,000 KZT
Indian Oil Massage
This deeply revitalizing massage combines vigorous, flowing movements with warm oils to recharge the body and moisturize the skin.

Fee: 60 minutes/45,000 KZT; 90 minutes/65,000 KZT
Hot Stone Massage
This healing deep-tissue massage uses smooth, heated volcanic stones to relax tense muscles.

Fee: 60 minutes/50,000 KZT; 90 minutes/70,000 KZT
Iridium Massage
This head-to-toe experience begins with a relaxing foot ritual, continues with a soothing massage, and ends with a rejuvenating facial treatment.

Fee: 90 minutes/70,000 KZT
Thai Massage
In this ancient Asian healing therapy, the body is compressed, stretched, and rocked using thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, and knees to melt away tension and improve flexibility.

Fee: 60 minutes/50,000 KZT; 90 minutes/70,000 KZT
Using gentle strokes across the scalp, face, neck, and shoulders, this traditional Indian head massage stimulates the nerves and loosens tight muscles.

Fee: 30 minutes/25,000 KZT
Thai Herbal Sphere Massage
This ancient massage technique uses therapeutic herbs steamed in a muslin compress and applied to the body with circular strokes and gentle pressure to relieve pain and inflammation.

Fee: 60 minutes/40,000 KZT; 90 minutes/60,000 KZT
Soin Gommage P50 Peau Neuve
This exfoliating, moisturizing body massage replenishes the epidermis and protects the skin from adverse climatic conditions, such as sun, wind, and cold.

Fee: 60 minutes/50,000 KZT
Gua Sha Massage
In this gentle version of a traditional East Asian healing remedy, expert therapists use a jade scraper to release toxins from the body and stimulate blood flow, the immune system, improving overall health.

Fee: 60 minutes/40,000 KZT; 90 minutes/60,000 KZT
Salt Body Scrub And sport Massage
Replenish the mineral balance of the skin with a Himalayan salt body scrub followed by an energizing deep-tissue massage.

(90 minutes)
Balinese Massage
Combining Ayurvedic healing massage techniques with aromatic oils, our therapists help reduce pain and ease joint stiffness while increasing flexibility and improving blood circulation.

Fee: 60 minutes/40,000 KZT; 90 minutes/60,000 KZT
Four-Hand Massage
Two expert therapists mirror each other’s soothing strokes to transport you to unparalleled tranquility.

(60-90 minutes)
Oriental Massage
This treatment combines Asian massage techniques with herbal extracts to balance the flow of the Qi, or life force, bringing mind and spirit into perfect balance and leaving skin soft and nourished.

Fee: 60 minutes/40,000 KZT; 90 minutes/60,000 KZT

Salon Services

Remove unwanted hair to reveal smooth, beautiful skin.
Eyebrow Tinting And Shaping
Our salon professionals provide expert eyebrow tinting and contouring.

Skin Care Services

Iridium Therapy
This full-body dry brushing enriched with nurturing essential oils exfoliates and replenishes the skin. A soothing mask restores radiance.

Fee: 90 minutes/70,000 KZT
Mini-Facial Treatment
This express treatment cleanses and lightly exfoliates with a gentle face massage. A balancing mask and light moisturizer rehydrate for a fresh glow.

Fee: 30 minutes/25,000 KZT
Soin VIP O2

Perfect for stressed or sensitive skin, this balancing ritual oxygenates and contours the skin for a luminous complexion.

Fee: 45 minutes/50,000 KZT

Soin Lipid Restorant
This ultra-moisturizing treatment enhances lipid production, rehydrating and protecting the skin from damage.

Fee: 45 minutes/50,000 KZT
Soin Specific Contour Des Yeux
This intensive treatment oxygenates and moisturizes the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Fee: 45 minutes/40,000 KZT
Clay Mask
This nourishing body wrap uses the therapeutic minerals of natural volcanic clay to cleanse and detoxify the skin, leaving it firm and radiant.

Fee: 45-60 minutes/35,000 KZT
Soin Hydreclat
Ideal for mature skin, this moisturizing, brightening treatment tightens the pores and restores the barrier function of the epidermis, leaving the complexion radiant.

Fee: 60 minutes/60,000 KZT
Himalayan Salt Scrub
This full-body exfoliation with Himalayan salt and nourishing oils softens the skin for a healthy, natural glow.

Fee: 45 minutes/35,000 KZT
Rice Powder Polish
A blend of coconut oil, honey, and micro-fine rice powder gently exfoliates and removes impurities from clogged pores without stripping away natural oils, leaving skin bright and smooth.

Fee: 45 minutes/35,000 KZT

Spa Packages

Prenatal Massage
This comforting experience begins with a moisturizing footbath followed by a gentle massage focusing on relieving the muscle tension associated with the changes in the expectant mother’s body.

Fee: 60 minutes/40,000 KZT; 90 minutes/60,000 KZT
This relaxing journey begins with a welcoming foot ritual followed by a nourishing full-body mask and concludes with an exclusive brightening and hydrating facial treatment.

(120 minutes)
Begin this restorative experience with an aromatic footbath followed by a crystal chakra-balancing ritual. A replenishing rice-powder body polish and a nourishing Indian oil massage complete the journey.

(180 minutes)
Soin Foots Revitalisant
From hydrating dry skin to reducing water retention, this custom treatment revitalizes the legs and feet for unparalleled pampering.

Fee: 30-45 minutes/35,000 KZT
Couples Divine Ceremony
This exclusive experience begins with our signature foot ritual followed by a soothing aromatherapy massage. To complete the journey, choose our distinguished tea ceremony or champagne with strawberries.

(150 minutes)
This energizing treatment features a soothing foot ritual, a detoxifying body massage, and a lipid-balancing facial treatment.

(150 minutes)
Soin Reharmonisant Et Drainant
This restorative treatment combines a relaxing massage to drain lymphatic fluid with the use of carefully curated essential oils to help to remove toxins from the skin and improve digestion.

Fee: 60 minutes/60,000 KZT
Bespoke Journey
Select from our menu of revitalizing treatments for a transformative experience. Available in 2, 2.5, or 3 hour packages.