Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

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At Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, we offer stays with and authentic and indigenous ambiance. From relaxing activities to lifetime experiences, we ensure that everyone has a memorable, personal and safe stay.

Pool Package

Take a refreshing dip into the infinity pool, and be inspired by the panoramic views across the golden sand dunes. The Pool Package includes full day access to the main infinity swimming pool, entrance fee to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and Timeless Spa facilities. Guests can also savour a sumptuous three-course à la carte lunch inclusive of soft drinks, water, coffee and tea. Departure is at leisure. Price - AED 575 per person * Price is inclusive of service charge, municipality fee and VAT. *Subject to availability and T&C apply

Timeless Spa - Main Pool

Spa Indulgence Package

Enjoy total relaxation and head-to-toe pampering in the most intimate space in the desert dunes, at the Timeless Spa. Featuring all inclusions of the Pool Package, the Spa Indulgence Package also offers 60-minute therapeutic massage. AED 900 *Price is inclusive of service charge, municipality fee and VAT *Subject to availability and T&C apply

Timeless Spa - Relaxation Area

Al Maha Bedouin Package

A dawn to dusk excursion begins at your doorstep as you are chauffeured in the resorts’ 4X4 vehicle to escape the city and experience nature in its glory. Enjoy four curated desert activities embracing adventure, soak in the panoramic views of the golden sands from the Timeless Spa infinity pool, whilst exquisite delicacies await during breakfast and the three-course lunch at Al Diwaan restaurant. *Subject to availability and T&C apply

Local Area - Wildlife


Monday to Thursday AED 1,150 per person

Friday to Sunday AED 1,350 per person

*Price is inclusive of service charge, municipality fee and VAT

Wildlife Drive

Embark on a wildlife drive through the desert landscape and discover the diverse range of indigenous fauna and flora that call this place home. From the majestic Arabian Oryx to the graceful gazelles, the desert is teeming with life. Our experienced guides will share fascinating insights about the desert ecosystem and its inhabitants and guests will learn about the conservation efforts that are underway to protect them.

Wildlife drive

Nature Walk in the Arabian Desert

Discover the UAE's indigenous flora and fauna on a guided nature walk led by an expert guide, embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the desert's unique inhabitants, fascinating geological formations, and rich cultural heritage.

Local Area


Experience the ancient art of archery, a cherished tradition in Middle Eastern and Bedouin culture. Learn from expert instructors about the history and techniques of archery, and practice your skills with a traditional bow and arrow equipment.

Exterior - Desert


Experience the thrill of falconry, a traditional Arabic art form. Connect with the country's rich culture and heritage, while also witnessing the incredible beauty and power of nature firsthand. Enjoy this experience under the guidance of experts and watch these magnificent birds of prey soaring through the sky, showcasing their extraordinary skills and agility.

On-Site Outlets
Timeless Spa - Relaxation Area

Timeless Spa

At the Timeless Spa we are committed to offering you the finest treatments within a luxurious setting, which echo the locality and embody the culture of the Middle Eastern and South East Asian aromatherapy traditions.


Fitness Center

We invite you to work out in our well-equipped hotel gym, which is open everyday.

Emirates Suite Pool Deck


Outdoor Pool

Mon-Sun: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM


Towels provided

Dubai Desert Wildlife

Enrich Your Experience

Our knowledgeable and experienced field guides will advise you on the best times of day and locations to view the various wildlife species. Choose to explore on foot, by 4x4 vehicle, camel, or on horseback.


Camel Trekking

Take a leisurely camel ride out to the crest of a dune, from which you’ll see the sun setting across the desert whilst enjoying Champagne, snacks and fruits.

Desert Activities - Camel Trek

Horse Riding

Embark on a horseback adventure across the picturesque desert reserve landscape and capture up-close sightings of the free-roaming wildlife. Duration 1 hour. AED 300 - 3 Years recent experience of riding. (Trot & Slow Canter). AED 270 - Great photo opportunity - Walking only, and lead by a field guide / groom. 85kg maximum weight limit applies. All riders will be required to wear long pants, clothed shoes, no slippers and respectful clothing. Riders will be provided with helmets and chaps that will be compulsory.

Desert Activities - Horse Riding
Safety Precautions

Please take note of our safety precautions for adventures inside and outside of our resort grounds.

The Gallery - Gift Shop

Just inside the main entrance of the hotel is “The Gallery”, our inviting resort shop where a wide range of original artefacts, gifts and souvenirs can be found. It is an interesting array of antiques, carpets, jewelry and rare antique weaponry, all of which are sourced locally from within the region.

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