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Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai


Most activities at Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai take place in the cooler parts of the day (morning/afternoon). Hotel guests are accompanied by an experienced field guide at all times, who ensures not only the guests’ enjoyment and satisfaction, but also their safety.

On-Site Outlets
Timeless Spa Relaxation Area

Timeless Spa

At the Timeless spa we are committed to offering you the finest treatments within a luxurious setting, which echo the locality and embody the culture of the Middle Eastern and South East Asian aromatherapy traditions.

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Private swimming area - Dubai Luxury Desert Resort


Outdoor Pool

Mon-Sun: 7:00 AM-8:00 PM


Towels provided

Pool Package

Indulge in a full day access to the main pool, entrance fee to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and Timeless Spa facilities.

Private Pool - Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
Dubai Desert Wildlife

During the 1940’s – 1960’s the Arabian Oryx was hunted to the brink of extinction and was declared endangered by the 1970’s. Dubai's then Ruler, the late Sheikh Rashid, trans-located the last remaining oryx to the USA, where they were bred under secure conditions.

In 1997, the then Crown Prince, now Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, funded the first reintroduction of this symbolic animal to the desert at Al Maha (Al Maha is the Arabic for “oryx”). Today, approximately 300 oryx, the largest free-roaming herd in Arabia, are a testament to the knowledge and care shown by the team of conservation specialists.

Al Maha is home to numerous species in additional to oryx, such as Arabian and sand gazelles, Rueppell's fox, Arabian red fox, hares, and the Ethiopian hedgehog.

As you explore the dune landscape it’s quite possible that you will spot the delicate footprints in the sand of nocturnal gerbils and jirds, an amazing array of lizards, 'sand-fish' and geckos, side-winding vipers and the tiny Arabian toad-headed agama.

Overhead, stately birds of prey such as ospreys, falcons, owls and eagles are seen daily, in addition to doves, warblers, colourful parakeets and the crested hoopoe, amongst others, which fill the wide skies with their flight and song.

Enrich Your Experience

Al Maha’s Field Guides will advise you on the best times of day and locations to view particular species and will be happy to accompany you to spot them. You can experience of this diverse and intriguing landscape by travelling with your Field Guide on foot, by 4 x4 vehicle, on camel or horseback.

An outdoor outing in Dubai.

Dune Drive

Not for the feint of heart. Enjoy an adrenaline rush as your field guide takes you on an exhilarating 4x4 drive in the big sand dunes outside the resort.

Desert Activities - Wildlife Drive

Nature Walk in the Arabian Desert

For the energetic, please feel free to request a guided walk through parts of the reserve. One can have the opportunity here of experiencing the desert environment in its entirety.

Local Area - Desert

Desert Safari

For a thrilling adventure, a four-wheel drive Desert Safari can quickly transport you to some of the more isolated parts of desert outside of the Al Maha reserve.


Enjoy a warming hot drink or refreshingly cold drink as each Guide discusses the breed and character of their birds before encouraging them to fly.

Camel Trekking

Take a leisurely camel ride out to the crest of a dune, from which you’ll see the sun setting across the desert whilst enjoying Champagne, snacks and fruits.

Desert Activities - Camel Trek

Horse Riding

Take a horse ride on the desert reserve landscape and get a unique to get close-up sightings and photographs of the free-roaming wildlife in the reserve.

Desert Activities - Horse riding
Safety Precautions

Please take note of our safety precautions for adventures inside and outside of our resort grounds.

The Gallery - Gift Shop

Just inside the main entrance of the hotel is “The Gallery”, our inviting resort shop where a wide range of original artefacts, gifts and souvenirs can be found. It is an interesting array of antiques, carpets, jewelry and rare antique weaponry, all of which are sourced locally from within the region.


Our field guide will be happy to give you a lesson in the noble art of archery, which features heavily in the heritage of Middle Eastern and Bedouin culture.