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We Commit to the Protection of the Environment

The Renaissance Paris Nobel Tour Eiffel Hotel has been committed to an eco-certification process since 2012 to improve our responsible management practices and to set annual targets to reduce our environmental impact. We established a Green Committee within the hotel which works all year long on promoting sustainable actions. Our hotel has been awarded the international Green Key environmental label for the 7th time in 2021 and we continue our efforts to get better every day. We also have been recognized as GreenLeaders Bronze level by Tripadvisor for our sustainable actions.

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Energy and Water Conservation

Being careful of our energy and water consumption is a key element of our strategy. In order to preserve water resources, we put in place water use reduction systems in toilets and bathrooms. We changed our entire lighting system as well with energy efficient LEDs bulbs only and electricity is, in major part, controlled by key card or motion sensors. For our banqueting and corporate meeting service, we put in place filtered water fountains from Castalie so as to reduce the use of plastic bottles. In that sense, we also have installed water dispensers for our associates.

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Waste Management

We are committed to reducing, sorting and recycling waste. Recycling bins are available to our guests. We have set up a system with the company Cèdre for sorting our waste throughout the hotel so that it can be recycled by a recycling plant that employs people with disabilities. With a view of reducing our waste, we now use reusable laundry bags made of fabric and we are changing our individual, single use bath amenities (shampoo, conditioner and body wash) for larger bottles amenities. We aim to abolish single use plastic by the end of 2023.

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Awareness and Well Being of Our Associates

We involve all our associates in our sustainability goals. At Marriott, we organise awareness-raising events throughout the year. April will always be the month of the environment for us, the occasion to continue to inform our customers and associates on the actions in progress and to come. Associates are always the heart of our business, and their well-being is essential. Every year in May takes place our traditional "Associate Week" during which Management thanks each employee for their work and commitment. As part of Marriott's Take Care programme, we organize activities for our employees all year long.

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Customer Awareness

We make our guests aware of the environmental impact of their stay, for example, we offer the possibility of not having their sheets and towels changed daily through our "Linen & Terry Re-use" program. Likewise, our laundry service provider is committed to a sustainable activity. We also participate in the "Your Choice 2.0" program by giving our guests the choice of using the daily room cleaning service.

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Additionally, we are committed to promote eco-friendly means of transportation to our clients such as the use of public transport. The hotel also offers electric bikes for rental and has a charging station for electric cars nearby. We also try to raise awareness among our associates and promote eco-friendly means of transportation such as carpooling and the use of public transport. We reimburse our associates’ public transportation pass of up to 75%.

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Societal Commitment

"At Marriott, we believe in making the communities in which we operate better places to live, work and visit. To support the resiliency and sustainable development of this community we invest in the vitality of their children and natural resources, as well as deliver aid and support, especially in times of need." In that sense, we partner with a social enterprise "Café Joyeux" which makes a specialty coffee whose entire profit contribute to the employment of people with mental disabilities. We also make it a point of honour to donate our former equipment, furniture, bedding, uniforms etc. when we renew them.

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