The Italian philosophy that ties good food and conversation together naturally plays out whenever and wherever in W Rome. The place that brings the pulse of the city to the hotel's doorstep, W Lounge, is an any-hours destination, fueled by live music, DJ sets and cocktail culture. The celebrated Italian chef, Ciccio Sultano brings his passion to the hotel's cuisine, with authentic Sicilian cooking brought to the tables at Giano Restaurant, or where locals meet over Aperitivo Luungo Negroni and tasty bites. The rarity of a Rome rooftop terrace with views of the city's most iconic landmarks, makes the hotel's upper floor all the more exceptional. It's there that Otto Rooftop Bar brings relaxation to a new level. Adjacent to WET Deck, it serves cocktails, crudo and pizza, while a DJ set plays.

Giano Restaurant


Fusing Sicilian cuisine with Roman culture, Giano Restaurant adds the language of cooking to W Rome's boundary pushing. Concocting crowd-pleasing dishes for the table, with his "Cucina Educata" Head Chef Ciccio Sultano shakes up the city's foodie scene.

12:00 PM-11:00 PM

Otto Rooftop


Otto Rooftop offers striking views paired with cocktails, crudo and pizza. Set to be an oasis surrounded by greenery, the rare rooftop experience shows the alternative side of Rome, as dj sets accompany a laidback atmosphere. CLOSED. REOPENING APRIL 2023.

5:00 PM-11:00 PM
12:00 PM-4:00 PM
View of a person standing at a bar with a drink in front of them.

Giardino Clandestino (Courtyard)


Catch a glimpse of the hotel’s entertainment as you indulge in our Aperitivo Eterno and tasty Sicilian bites. Our open-air courtyard, Giardino Clandestino is where the music gets better and the drinks don´t stop ‘til you are in the mood to leave.

11:00 AM-12:00 AM

W Lounge


The place that brings the pulse of the city to the hotel’s doorstep, W Lounge Bar, is an any-hours destination, fueled by live music, DJ sets and cocktail culture. Celebrating individuality and diversity, it is where guests can roll with the moment.

11:00 AM-12:30 AM
11:00 AM-1:30 AM

Pasticceria Italiana Contemporanea

Zucchero x Fabrizio Fiorani

World-renowned Pastry Chef Fabrizio Fiorani returns to his hometown with his first dedicated space, where you can enjoy his playful creations. Complex flavours, unexpected textures and creative takes on your favourite sweets await to be instagrammed. A believer in ‘gifting ourselves moments of happiness', Fabrizio Fiorani debuts his first dedicated space, with the curation of Zucchero X Fabrizio Fiorani. Mirroring Rome's preoccupation with the pursuit of pleasure, his artistry in pastries and desserts mixes complex flavors, textures and creativity and adds an unexpected twist to your experience at Giano Restaurant. Open every day from 11:30AM to 6:00PM

Bowl with cannoli inside and bottle containing orange syrup.

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Exceptional Food & Cocktails
Tattooed arm holding utensils over plate of food upon table set with other dishware.

Bella Brunch

Feasting, informal, fun. Arm yourself with all your appetite for the tastiest brunch of the Eternal City. Sundays in Rome have never been so inviting. Top quality ingredients, bursting flavors, an all-Italian atmosphere.

Orange drink sitting upon marbled table top.

Aperitivo Eterno

Celebrate urban and market food - from the old Pompei to the Roman times and until today - to the beats of our resident DJ & sips of Perpetual Nature.

Man holding plate of finger food opposite two women.

#No Peanuts Movement

Aperitivo is a cultural ritual. It's more about food than drinking. But somewhere along the way, the concept got lost. We say NO to mediocre bar snacks, NO to Happy Hour, NO to arachidi, olive, taralli & patatine, and launch the #NoPeanutsMovement, focusing on value and quality