Keep it fun with our hotel's extensive list of activities and attractions in Santiago, Chile. From shopping in the colorful nearby markets to touring cultural sites in El Centro to strolling through the charming streets of Barrio París-Londres, there's something for everyone. Find the perfect souvenir at the Costanera Center, a six-level shopping mall offering an array of upscale specialty stores. Spend the day exploring Vitacura, one of the most expensive and fashionable areas of Santiago, Chile. Here you'll find lush gardens, dog-friendly parks, fashion museums and wine tasting. Follow the Mapocho River, the city's best point of geographic reference, to discover Santiago's hidden gems. Take in sweeping views of the city in Bellavista, the bohemian quarter with an array of art galleries and Santiago's finest dining.

On-Site Outlets
O2 Wellness and Balance Club cardio machines.

O2 Balance & Wellness Club

WET® Rooftop Pool

Come on in, the water’s warm even as you’re surrounded by cool views of the spectacularly snow-capped Andes. Pool opening hours: 11am - 6pm, Monday to Sunday. Shift reservation directly with Welcome, according to the schedule and available capacity. Shifts of 1 hour.

WET rooftop pool with covered lounge chairs.

El Mundo Del Vino

Where in the world can you find the best vintage labels and finest selection of wines from the most revered vineyards on earth?

Toast and taste your favorite cuvees and varietals at El Mundo del Vino, the most cellar-brated vintner in Chile.

A soaring 12-meter wall of wine, featuring 6,000 bottles of the world's finest labels and vintages, takes oenophilia to new heights. Ponder intricate Bordeaux from France and consider Shiraz from Australia, or mull over Malbec from Spain before feeling at home with Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile. You're welcome to peruse the most extensive selection of Chilean and international wines in Santiago—why not chill, sip and appreciate a while?

Want to bring home a treasure trove of new discoveries and old favorites? That's no tall order—the latest additions to your cellar at home are lovingly and carefully packed for international travel and shipping.

Poolside lounge chairs overlooking the city skyline.
Poolside lounge chairs overlooking the city skyline.