Enjoy our cocktail bar, restaurants and rooftop lunches by the glinting pool, fresh Venetian produce spun with sophistication at Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia, or spread a rug for a Chic-nic in the park of Isola delle Rose.

In 2024 entering Venice on specific days is subject to an access fee unless the visitor falls into one of the categories that entitle them to exemption from payment.
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Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia Outdoor Seating Area

Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia


Gli Amici Dopolavoro is a marvellous restaurant where the work of man and the natural ecosystem blend to offer an experience that expresses the uniqueness of the territory, enhancing its exquisitely local products.

Venice Restaurant, Italy

Sagra Rooftop Restaurant


Dine al fresco while taking in breathtaking views of Venice, the surrounding lagoon and gardens from our rooftop restaurant. Entertain clients and savor the proposed dishes and flavor as a real culinary journey through Italian cuisine.

Venice Resort Lounge Bar

Rose Bar Lounge


Wake up with freshly brewed coffee beverages before heading out for a day in Venice. From late morning until evening the Rose Lounge Bar, with its contemporary informal elegance, offers an alluring selection of cocktails, drinks and Italian wines.

Restaurant JW Venice

Cucina Daily Breakfast


Cucina is the perfect starting point to enjoy a wonderful day in Venice. A renovated buffet layout, with home-made products and dedicated corners such as “healthy corner” will satisfy any kind of need.

Cooking School at Venice Resort

Sapori Cooking Academy


No visit to Italy is complete without taking a cooking class, which is why a visit to Sapori Cooking Academy is a must-do for travelers to Venice. Learn how to create a whole menu in the Venetian culinary tradition in one of our many cooking classes.

Deli in Venice resort

Dispensa Delicatessen


Stop by our shop for snacks, drinks, freshly brewed coffee and more. Located just steps away from the boats, this is the perfect spot to pick up food for your picnic in Isola delle Rose.

Giardino Grill Terrace Patio

Giardino Grill


Giardino Grill is an inspiring setting for a relaxing casual lunch. Have a taste of delicious dishes surrounded by the peaceful garden or sip a refreshing drink while enjoying our family pool. Availability according to seasonal operativity.

Pizzeria Bosco Terrace Cucina Garden Pizza

Pizzeria Cucina


Savor a classic pizza or a pure and innovative invention created with the art of baking in a splendid setting in front of the Venetian lagoon.

Chef Giorgio Schifferegger

Giorgio Shifferegger's Culinary Concept is focused on the respect for raw materials and seasonality which constitute the starting point in his preparations. Essential elements that he had internalised throughout his significant experiences between Venice and Paris, working side by side with the best Starred Chefs. Here, at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa, Giorgio continues his quest for ‘good food’, high quality products and locally sourced products, spotlighting the traditional and local cuisine with great techniques, innovation, tastiness and excellent presentation.

Executive Chef Sagra rooftop restaurant Giorgio Sc

The Michelin Starred Chef Emanuele Scarello in Venice

From Umberto, the great-great-grandfather, to Michela and Emanuele, the Scarello Family is deeply interwoven with values, affection for the land and its bounty, warm hospitality, a tribute to the heritage, and a forward-looking spirit. For more than 135 years, Agli Amici has been on a constant path of growth and transformation until the opening of Agli Amici Dopolavoro, which was recently named in the Michelin Guide. Chef Emanuele Scarello was president of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe, was awarded 2 Michelin stars, 3 hats in the L'Espresso Guide, and was named 'Best Italian Chef' by the Corriere della Sera. Today, Chef Emanuele Scarello following the family philosophy at Isola delle Rose and thanks to his pleasure in sharing his knowledge continues to create a unique culinary proposal, based on local ingredients and contemporary flavors.

Agli Amici Dopolavoro team

Homegrown Produce

Isola delle Rose’s soil is rich with minerals and nutrients, imparting a distinctive flavour to all our homegrown produce. We place great emphasis on sustainability, continually recycling and enriching the soil. We have 100 olive trees and handpick, cold-press and age Isola delle Rose olive oil which is used in Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia. Many of the vegetables and fruits on the menu are grown in our chef’s gardens. We handpick and press our own olive oil and are committed to sustainability, with organic kitchen gardens and bountiful orchards.

Dopolavoro Event Setting



Enjoy a relaxed informal lunch under the shadow of our trees, savoring typical Italian sandwiches, healthy salads and delicious home-made snacks. Our Chic-nics are ideal for couples and families with kids. Contact us writing to fb.venice@jwmarriotthotels.com for more information and to organize your relaxing Chic-nic at Isola delle Rose or find out more on our next Chic-Nic event!


Sapori Calendar

Have you got the chance to taste our home made pizza together with a cocktail in our Rose Bar? Well now you have the opportunity to follow our Chef's tips on how to prepare fresh pizza and focaccia.

Every Tuesday from 4.00 pm until am 6.00 pm and every Thursday from 11.00 am until am 1.00 pm.

What would pasta be without the Italian classic sauce? Get from our Chef the secrets of 2 typical sauces.

A master class not to be missed!

Every Wednesday from 4.00 pm until am 6.00 pm

Each grandmother was used to prepare fresh pasta for the Sunday lunch.

Dive into this historical tradition and learn how to prepare the dough and how to transform it in different kind of pasta shapes. You cannot imagine how many shapes do we have invented.

Every Wednesday and Friday from 11.00 am until am 1.00 pm and Thursday from 4.00 pm until am 6.00 pm

Learn with our Chefs how to create traditional Venetian recipes with seasonal products, having fun cooking unique dishes full of history and ... taste!

Combine and mix together the various ingredients and enjoy this traditional casual-style dining experience! Every Tuesday from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm

Enjoy a Sunday creative moment having fun and learning with our Chefs how to prepare and bake sideboard cakes from the Venetian tradition! Tiramisù addicted? Take part in the Tiramisù cooking class on Monday and enjoy the preparation of this yummy dessert!

Every Sunday and Monday from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm.

Would you like to create simple, fluffy and homemade cakes?

Nothing better than classic "sideboard cakes", table desserts that most remind us of those made by our grandparents, uncles, parents and always ready to cut for guests.

An easy dessert to prepare with the supervision of our Pastry Chef.

Every Monday from 11.00 am until am 1.00 pm

Let’s join our bartender in our Sagra Rooftop Bar and enjoy, together with the view, the story and the secrets about two of the most iconic Venetian cocktails: Select Spritz and Bellini.

Every Thursday from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Immerse yourself in a typical Italian wine tasting experience that will escort you from the slopes of Etna Vulcan to the picks of Trentino Alps. Our only promise is that your glass will never be empty!

Every Thursday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Do you want to discover the secret behind our Rose Bar signature cocktails?

Well, the only opportunity is to join this class! Our bartender will wait for you in our Rose Bar and you will have the opportunity to discover the mixologist world!

Every Sunday from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Have you ever tried the Italian street-food? Come and experience this amazing cooking class to learn how to prepare it and finally taste!

Every Saturday from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Did you know? From our century-old Olive Grove we are making the "one and only" olive oil produced in Venice. Let’s get a stroll through the Olive Grove and continues with the tasting of the Olive Oil. You will be impressed from its distinctive taste.

Every Monday from 4.00 pm until 5.00 pm

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Additional Info

Should you have any food allergy or restriction, we kindly ask you to inform us at the moment of the reservation. Reservations are subject to classes’ availability according to seasonal operativity and should be made at least one day in advance. Cancellations made after 6pm on the day before the cooking class is booked will be 100% charged. Should you change your plans, we kindly ask you to inform us accordingly.
For more information and bookings, please contact us at fb.venice@jwmarriotthotels.com, call +39 041 85.21.300, or directly refer to the Concierge Desk.

Cucina Daily Restaurant

Carefree Dining

Our team of chefs await your orders, breakfast prepared exactly how you prefer, evening pizzas topped to your wishes. All the ingredients are fresh as the day. Dine inside or on the terrace in Venetian sunlight, surrounded by green gardens. A lovely relaxed atmosphere for our families.

Breakfast buffet at Venice restaurant

Rose Bar Lounge

Refined Leisure

A glass of pure whisky and a fine cigar... what more could you wish? You can choose between a selection of pairings and enjoy this unique moment of relaxation at our Rose Lounge Bar terrace! People rendezvous, or pause in passing, the Rose Lounge is the sociable centre of JW Venice.

Venice Resort Lounge Bar
Vegetable Garden
Our Own Vegetable Garden

Isola delle Rose’s soil is rich with minerals and nutrients, imparting a distinctive flavor to all our homegrown produce. We place great emphasis on sustainability, recycling and enriching the soil. We have 100 olive trees and handpick, cold-press and age Isola delle Rose olive oil which is used in Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia. Many of the vegetables & fruits on the menu are grown in our chef’s garden.

Olive Groves Venice
A Unique Olive Oil

Our resort boasts a wealth of plants that cannot be found anywhere else in Venice. From our olive grove of a hundred trees, we handpick, cold-press and age our own Isola delle Rose extra virgin olive oil. It is a distinctive tasting olive oil due to our soil which is rich in minerals and nutrients, and unique in Venice. We are extremely proud and enthusiastic about Isola delle Rose olive oil which can be tasted


Cantine del Vino Gia Schiavi

0.8 KM

Legendary tavern with floor-to-ceiling bottles lining the walls, with wines by the glass & snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The on-property restaurants at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa are:

Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia Sagra Rooftop Restaurant Rose Bar Lounge Cucina Daily Breakfast Sapori Cooking Academy Dispensa Delicatessen Giardino Grill Pizzeria Cucina

Yes, room service is available at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa.

The cuisines offered at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa are:

Pizza at Pizzeria Cucina Mediterranean at Sapori Cooking Academy Italian at Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia, Sagra Rooftop Restaurant Grill at Giardino Grill Deli at Dispensa Delicatessen International at Rose Bar Lounge, Cucina Daily Breakfast
To book a table at Agli Amici Dopolavoro Venezia click here To book a table at Sagra Rooftop Restaurant click here You can also call +39 041-852-1300 to place a reservation.
Free Full American Breakfast is available at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa during the following hours: Monday-Sunday 7:00 - 11:00 AM. Free Continental Breakfast is available at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa during the following hours: Monday-Sunday 7:00 - 11:00 AM. Free Hot Breakfast is available at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa during the following hours: Monday-Sunday 7:00 - 11:00 AM.