The Westin Surabaya

Pakuwon Mall, Jalan Puncak Indah Lontar No 2, Surabaya 60216 Indonesia
+62 31 29710000

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Pool View

Guest Rooms

Westin Deluxe Accessible Bedroom
King Westin Club Guest Room
Westin Deluxe Accessible Bedroom
Double/Double Westin Club Guest Room
Westin Deluxe with Daybed
Double/Double Westin Deluxe
King Westin Club Guest Room
King Westin Club Guest Bathroom
Westin Deluxe Accessible Bathroom
Westin Club Guest Bathroom


Westin Grand Suite Living Room
Westin Grand Suite Bedroom
Westin Executive Suite Living Room
Westin Executive Suite Bedroom
Westin Executive Suite Bathroom
Westin Grand Suite Bathroom


Sky Lounge
Westin Club Lounge Interior
Westin Club Lounge Dining Setup
Executive Lounge
Magnolia Restaurant

Recreation & Fitness

Outdoor Pool
WestinWORKOUT Fitness Studio

Events & Meetings

Meeting Room Round table Setup
Meeting Room Theater Setup
The Grand Ballroom Lobby
Grand Ballroom
Meeting Room - U-Shape
Meeting Room - Classroom
The VIP Room
The Grand Ballroom Entrance
The VIP Room
Grand Ballroom
Grand Ballroom
Ballroom Foyer
Ballroom Foyer
M3 Level Ballroom Foyer


Wedding Reception
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