Hotel Maria Cristina, a Luxury Collection Hotel, San Sebastian


Rising majestically above the vivacious historic city center of San Sebastian, Hotel Maria Cristina is supremely surrounded by promenades and gardens. This landmark building is situated between the white sand beaches and colorful buildings of La Concha and La Zurriola; our reception desk can provide beach towels. Adjacent to the hotel are the Urumea River and Victoria Eugenia Theatre. Just opposite—on the other side of the river—is the Kursaal Congressional Palace. Three surrounding hills, Mount Urgull, the Castillo de la Mota, and the Mount Igueldo, delineate the city limits. As the capital of Gipuzkoa, San Sebastian is a city where visitors co-exist seamlessly with the approximately 180,000 locals who frequent the city’s esteemed restaurants, world-class casino, and Zubieta Race Track. The vast selection of cultural activities includes year-round options San Telmo Museum, Balenciaga Museum and the Aquarium. Annual head-line events are the International Film Festival, Musical Fortnigh


Exquisite culinary offerings are idiosyncratic to the city of San Sebastian. High quality of its gastronomy is recognised and applauded at an international level and has accumulated as many as 16 Michelin stars, the highest number obtained by one city per metre squared than any other place in the world.

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The bustling historic part of San Sebastian is the social and commercial centre of the city, offering a never-ending array of leisure activities. It is a must see for visitors, who will learn of how the locals live as they pass through the winding, cobbled streets and squares. Going out to restaurants in the historic centre is the done thing, hopping from bar to bar sampling the famous "pinxtos", one of the gastronomic treasures of San Sebastian, which are small bites, from sliced bread with toppings to small creations of high quality Basque cooking.


Ranging from antique dealers, bookstores, and jewelry shops to perfumeries, confectioner’s shops, and international designer boutiques, San Sebastian offers diverse and plentiful commerce.

Guest Room - City Views

Ondarreta Beach

Located between the Igeldo Mountain and the gardens of the Mirimar Palace, this beach is over 1 km in length with a width of about 100 metres of sand, perfect for sunbathing.

La Concha Beach

Located in the centre of the city, this is the most admired beach in San Sebastian and is considered one of the most beautiful urban beaches in all of Europe. It grew under the wing of the Royal Summers at the beginning of the 20th Century and is known as the Pearl of the Cantabrian Sea. The zone designated for the promenade is completely pedestrian, with benches that invite you to rest and enjoy the views.

Zurriola Beach

Waves, surf and youth. These are the principle components of Zurriola Beach, the most animated beach in San Sebastian. Located right in the Gros district, it has been converted into the favourite destination for youths and surfers from all over the world, set on having fun and meeting people. This dynamic is exactly why this beach is so attractive.

Igueldo's Tower

This tower, that offers the best views over city, is a look-out point on the Igueldo Mountain, and is a place for fun and enjoyment thanks to its quaint fun fair. It's advisable to take the cable-car, the oldest in the Basque country, in order to observe and photograph the city from this spectacular perspective.

Urgull Mountain

The situation of this mountain was what won its status as a military fort in the 12th Century and its walls have suffered countless attacks and sieges over the years. The Urgull Mountain bore witness in 1794 to the first capitulation of the city by the hands of the French as well as to the fire caused by the battle between French troops and the anglo-portuguese army that destroyed the city in 1813.

Ulia Mountain

At the beginning of the 20th Century it was established as a recreational park for the aristocracy and, today, it is the most important hiking zone of the city. The Peña del Ballenero and the Peña del Rey, large rocks used as look-out points, its picnic areas, the reformed Albergue de Ulía (Ulia House) and the unique views of the city are a few of its attractions.


The architecture of San Sebastian reflects its rich history as a city. Each building represents a period with co-existent classic constructions demonstrating works of the French court, along with Belle-Epoque style avant-garde buildings.

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San Sebastian is a work of art outdoors, which allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of its landscapes and their unique works.

The Basque Beret

To celebrate craftsmanship at Hotel María Cristina, a Luxury Collection Hotel, San Sebastian, we have partnered with Elosegui, that has been making berets since 1858 by hand in the traditional way.

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A Haute Couture Accessory

The beret has come a long way since its humble beginnings as the headgear of choice for pelota players in the Basque country, becoming a must-have haute couture accessory, our berets at Hotel Maria Cristina are unique, each beret is made with the finest Australian wool and made manually to the highest standard and have a golden pin with the hotel cress, that represents Queen Maria Cristina Crown.

Beret hat sitting on a table.
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