The Talents Contemporains at the Prince de Galles

Some people will say about the Prince de Galles that it belongs to those legends that make Parisian grand hotels since it is true that its Art Deco and its glorious past give the premises an outstanding reputation and, at the same time, a history.

However, at the Prince de Galles there is a little more, something a little better. It's as if there is a climate, a kind of music, something undefinable, a feeling that tells you that here you are in the coziness of a home.

A gentle alchemy between timeless elegance and the energy of the new century. Men and women who enliven the space in order to better serve the leading talent of the Prince de Galles: its guests.

There are a thousand ways to share 33 avenue George-V. The most sincere way is the one that consists of those who serve it telling the story.

Restaurant La Scène Scallops

Stéphanie Le Quellec, Head Chef

They often say that there are two types of chef. At least two worth trying. The good chef who cooks with his/her skill and the great chef who cooks with his/her personality. A rare and precious distinction and today Stéphanie Le Quellec has this distinction, as this second type. A great among greats!

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Nicolas Paciello, Pastry Chef

Nicolas Paciello barely in his thirties and already one of the new little princes of desserts that Paris has made into a specialty.

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Bar Les Heures Venice

Florian Thireau, Head Bartender

On this strange chessboard that great hotels often seem to be, the bartender surely plays the figure of the knight. This is even more true in the case of Florian Thireau, a young man with the energy of passion and setting his pace at a gallop, who started his career in his native Normandy.

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Restaurant La Scene

Cédric Maupoint, Restaurant Manager and Sommelier

Like those chefs who have brought dishes to life with their signature cuisine, the future of fine dining comes with a "signature" service. At 37 years old, Cédric Maupoint, Head Sommelier and Restaurant Manager of La Scène, the flagship dining venue of the Prince de Galles, embodies this new generation of restaurant managers, whose aim is to put the charm back into service.

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Marie-Liesse Thery, Head Concierge

Of all the qualities necessary for an outstanding concierge service, there is the art of anticipating what needs to be done, that of meeting expectations, but first and foremost, a talent for knowing how to make a difference. With a modesty that won't allow her to admit it, Marie-Liesse Thery has cultivated this very special virtue.

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